5 DC Characters Psylocke Could Defeat


Credit: Marvel Comics

Comparing Marvel to DC characters is a lot of fun sometimes since the vast array of powers that exist to match against one another doesn’t appear to end since trying to find out who can overcome who is interesting, especially when it becomes a debate between the fans who want to bring up one iteration of a character or another. Each franchise admittedly has a legion of powerful characters that can overcome each other given the right circumstances, but there are individuals that can run riot through a large number of other characters thanks to the abilities they were given, they were born with, or they somehow came by due to experimentation of some sort. Psylocke, aka Betsy Braddock, is one of the characters in the Marvel Universe that has been highlighted in the past but also looked over at times for some reason. When thinking of how she might fare against those of the DC universe it’s very easy to think that there are individuals that she couldn’t overcome since her power levels are intense, but while she’s an insanely powerful mutant, she does have her limits. One of those is kind of interesting since her telepathy and telekinesis can weaken her if she attempts to use them both at the same time. But if she’s using them independently of each other there are plenty of characters that she can take on without much trouble. 

Here are five DC characters that Psylocke can defeat. 

5. Deadshot

Credit: DC Comics

It almost feels wrong to single out someone like Deadshot since the truth is that he’s a deadly killer with a lot of skill and it’s easy to think that he could take Betsy out from a distance if he really wanted to. But with her mental awareness and the fact that she’s been trained as a ninja, and is actually one of the deadliest ninjas in the Marvel Universe, it’s fair to state that if she had even an inkling or a whisper of a thought that she could pick up from Deadshot, she could mess with him in ways that Floyd simply isn’t ready for. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat there’s no chance that Floyd walks away, since Betsy is just that good, and more to the point, she has a few ways to kill a person thanks to her mental capabilities. 

4. Bane

Credit: DC Comics

This appears as though it would be a serious mismatch since Bane has been seen to be insanely powerful and more than a little disciplined with his fighting style, despite the fact that he’s big, he’s not stupid by any means. But here’s where he fails against Betsy, she’s just as skilled of a fighter as he is, and she has a bit extra that Bane can’t counter. He might be incredibly disciplined and be able to tell what’s real, but Betsy would only need a moment or two of confusion on his part to take advantage of Bane in a big way. Not only could she cut the big man down, but it’s very likely that she could incapacitate him without ever having to touch Bane. 

3. Lady Shiva

Credit: DC Comics

Lady Shiva is definitely fast, and her martial skills are superior to Betsy’s, so how in the world would this happen? Well, as fast as she is and as much control as she has over her body, Shiva’s mental discipline wouldn’t be enough to withstand the psychic barrage that Betsy could throw her way. Some might say that Betsy would want to prove herself in a battle against Lady Shiva and make things fair, but that would create a loss instead of a win against this woman. Being that Betsy isn’t that foolish, it’s not hard to determine that she would be able to detect just how dangerous Shiva really is and would seek to end this fight before Lady Shiva ever came close. 

2. Green Arrow

Credit: DC Comics

Let’s just point out that this character can be beaten by Hawkeye, which isn’t an insult but is an indication that as many trick arrows as he has and as awesome as people want to make him out to be, Green Arrow is still a guy that relies heavily on his ranged attacks to be effective. While he’s a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, he’s not on Betsy’s level and would find that she’s a lot tougher than she looks. Thinking that Ollie might find himself on the wrong end of a psychic knife is kind of amusing since he might not think much of this attack until he was hit and found every thought in his head scrambled in an instant. 

1. Batman

Credit: DC Comics

It’s easy to imagine that quite a few DC fans would disagree with this pick, but much like Lady Shiva, Betsy would be able to read Batman from afar and determine that he’s too dangerous to mess around with in hand-to-hand combat. If she did stand toe to toe with him, it’s easy to think that Betsy would take her lumps and still possibly walk away. But if she fought smart instead of simply reacting, it’s not hard to imagine that Bruce would be feeling the effects of her psychic attacks for days to come. Just being Batman isn’t enough when it comes to a powerful telekinetic who’s also a trained fighter. 

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