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Some movies make a person laugh, others cry, and then some try to make people do both simultaneously or at different moments. Me Time is one of those movies that many people will simply laugh at while not worrying too much about the emotional side of things. On the one hand, it is fun to identify as a stay-at-home father and watch Kevin Hart try to handle the chaos of running a home and taking care of his kids. On the other, a few moments make it appear less than appealing since Hollywood loves to exaggerate and build things up in ways that might make them funnier and far more dramatic. But hey, it makes for an amusing movie since there is plenty of laughter to be had, even if it’s a little cringe-worthy and not always the type of material that makes a lot of sense. However, that makes this movie a little more entertaining since life is sometimes a bit chaotic. 

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credit: Me Time

The movie promotes friendship in a big way but also highlights hardships. 

The relationship between Sonny and Huck is one that many people likely recognize since plenty of people in the world have been together since they were young. But there are also those like Huck who make a friendship difficult since, for some reason, they simply have to do anything and everything in life that gives them an adrenaline rush. As a stay-at-home father who feels insecure about his position and even jealous of his wife’s employer, Sonny is the type of man that many guys don’t want to be but end up becoming at some point. When his best buddy Huck calls him up to celebrate his 44th birthday, the chaos begins when Sonny finally decides to take time to himself and attend Huck’s party. 

What’s funny is that many people have one or two friends like Huck. 

Huck is the type of friend that’s a lot of fun but tends to do things without thinking at times and only makes it worse by trying to shuffle around funds and favors to make things right. One might think that Sonny is the guy that has everything together, but the sad part is that Sonny is a control freak that has to be able to run everything around him to validate his existence. In his mind, he has to be able to control everything to prove himself to others, while Huck is simply a carefree individual who wants everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Because of this, the two best friends appear to be as opposite as night and day, but as they engage in one set of hijinks after another, it becomes evident that both men have much to learn about each other and themselves. The humor inherent in their actions becomes a bit cringe-worthy at times, but the sentiment is there mainly because many people, as they get older, can identify with both men. 

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credit: Me Time

As a pair, Mark Walhberg and Kevin Hart are kind of an odd mix. 

Some actors manage to vibe immediately when they’re on screen, and some have to work at it to make things appear natural. Hart and Wahlberg do manage to create several funny scenes, but something missing doesn’t make this movie come together the way it should. Some critics have already stated that this movie is like one large joke without a punchline, and while that sounds a little unfair, there is some basis for such a sentiment. The movie doesn’t fly off the rails at any given moment, but it can make the average viewer wonder why the effort was made to put these two together since they don’t mesh as well as others have done in the past. For instance, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson appear to vibe naturally without much effort, and Wahlberg has managed to vibe with other actors effortlessly. It wasn’t a bad attempt, but it was still kind of awkward. 

It’s a fun movie to watch just for the heck of it. 

In terms of being a dramatic comedy, this movie would be easy to recommend since it provides quite a few laughs and a lot of feel-good moments that can make people smile and enjoy the experience. The idea of a stay-at-home father needing a bit of ‘me time is easy to identify with, but then again, so is the idea of going out and just being crazy to blow off some steam. 

It’s worth watching at least once. 

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