Movie Review: I Am Watching You

There’s nothing quite like the right kind of inspiration when it comes to writing a romance novel, and Nora is the type that gets inspired in a way that suggests that her imagination tends to run away with her, along with her desire. While writing in her romance blog, seeking for that elusive spark that could help her to create a great novel that people might want to read and could be her big break, she continually watches her neighbor down the hall through his window, as it sits parallel to her own. The trick is that he’s been watching her as well, but she doesn’t realize this. As she watches him, however, Nora’s imagination allows her to start churning out one page after another until she has a novel on the hook and, eventually, a love interest that has taken a serious interest in her. When Lucas, the neighbor, pretends to be locked out of his apartment, she invites him into her place to wait for the locksmith to arrive. Everything goes fine for a while, much as anyone might expect since Lucas appears to be the perfect guy, and Nora is the hopeless romantic that feels as though she’s living in one of her stories. 

That’s kind of where the danger lies for any writer since having lived the story you’re telling is one thing, but trying to live out the fictional story that you’re creating can lead to a great deal of disappointment and worse. Getting back on track, the romance aspect of this story is expressed through a montage that a lot of people might find pleasing since, to be fair, it does appear that Nora has found the relationship that she wanted so badly and had been writing about for so long. But there is something a bit off about Lucas, as he feels a bit too obsessive when it comes to Nora, which is shown at one point in the movie. 

While Nora is out having lunch with a friend, a male friend at that, Lucas watches her from afar, taking pictures as he continues to observe Nora. She does turn toward where Lucas is in hiding, but he’s already gone, proving that he’s not just a creep, he’s good at what he’s doing. As things continue along, Lucas invites Nora to join him in New York as he has to take off for a job offer. His passion for photography makes this movie a bit edgier than it might otherwise be since the mere thought of being peeped on from afar by someone is a fear that makes a lot of individuals extremely paranoid. But the lengths to which Lucas goes makes it clear that he’s more than a little obsessed with Nora and he’s likely the type of guy that will take things too far. Many folks are no doubt able to agree that movies such as this are often easy to predict when it comes to pointing out when something will happen since they tend to follow a very set formula that not many of them stray from. For those that love this style of storytelling it’s a way to remain in their comfort zone and essentially watch the same movie over and over with different actors and slightly different storylines. 

The need to criticize such movies is there, but it’s not nearly as important since the expectations laid upon movies such as this aren’t all that high given that it’s a TV movie and wasn’t exactly meant to be the most impressive tale in the world. Movies like this tend to be more about building up the story and getting through it as quickly as possible with minimal twists and turns that don’t make the audience think that much. In that, this movie does its job quite well as it introduces the characters, the situation, and progresses without any real snags as the story is nice and smooth and only has a few moments when a person might find that they don’t want to watch any longer. The only element that could have used a bit of work would have been the dialogue since a lot of it was kind of painful to listen to.

Some folks might roll their eyes at this idea since a lot of people have different ideas of what good dialogue is all about. But the dialogue in this movie feels off at times, as though it’s fanciful pillow talk that a lot of people might think of, but many would never use in real life. Apart from this, however, the movie wasn’t all that bad for what it was and it did flow without any real trouble along the way. To make a long story short, Nora realized that Lucas was a dangerous person when his obsession went out of control, and in the end, she killed him after he attacked her. It’s a rather common story, but one that people appear to enjoy. 

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