Why You Should Check Out “New York Will Eat You Alive”

It does sound as though the title of New York Will Eat You Alive is a tentative title at best, but the real surprise is that Colin Firth will be joining the cast, which is funny since he typically takes on dramatic roles and has been known to do action and comedy, but not necessarily the kind of action that has to do with a zombie outbreak. It’s surprising of course, but not in a negative manner, since Firth is known for giving great performances and should do just fine depending on how the story goes. Right now all that’s known is that the movie is bound to be an adaptation from a digital comic and the premise is that an ancient coffin has corrupted the water supply in City H, which is what’s been given thus far, and those drinking from the supply end up becoming zombies. The manner in which a person can become a zombie has changed a few times in the last few decades since a lot of times it comes from a bite or even a scratch depending on the story. Santa Clarita Diet is a show that went on to describe another way to become a zombie, and Warm Bodies even made it possible for zombies to become human once again as they started to care and felt their hearts begin to beat. So really, something corrupting the water supply and turning people into zombies isn’t too far-fetched at this point. 

Some might want to say that zombie movies and shows are experiencing a resurgence but instead, it feels as though they never really went away and have been kind of keeping to the background while still making their way forward. As one of the more intimidating monsters in pop culture, mostly because they are often mindless killing machines, zombies aren’t the kind of monster that a person really fears in a one on one encounter, unless that person is particularly weak and doesn’t know how to fight. Plus, it all depends on whether or not zombies within the reality the movie or show is set in since otherwise it feels as though a zombie wouldn’t stand a chance in this day and age since so many people already know that a shot or some other type of trauma to the head will stand a chance of affecting a zombie. It’s kind of odd that any show or movie would refuse to allow its characters to have any knowledge of zombies, especially since it would become a more challenging prospect when trying to write up a story concerning zombies. 

Even more challenging will be waiting to see just how Colin Firth will handle a role in a zombie movie since a lot of people have taken on such roles, but there are a few that just don’t appear to fit when they’ve been given one role or another. The fact is that Firth is a great actor and he’s delivered on just about everything he’s ever done, but a zombie movie is something very different than anything he’s done to date since it’s action and drama, but it’s done in a manner that inspires desperation as well as terror and possible panic depending on how far into the outbreak the movie will go. A zombie movie’s overall success does have something to do with whether it’s based before and during the outbreak or after the outbreak has already occurred. A zombie movie can be successful either way since there’s plenty of opportunity for action and drama in both instances, but there are plenty of reasons why some zombie movies and TV shows haven’t lasted as long and haven’t been considered to be that great, and it’s a delicate balance of the critical elements that go into such a movie that needs to be observed. Firth is the kind of guy that’s great at dramatic acting since movies such as The King’s Speech have helped to define his career in a big way and have proven that he’s a true gem in the entertainment industry. 

But this is a zombie movie, meaning that he’ll likely have to combine his dramatic skills with his action skills, which he doesn’t do quite that often since it’s usually one or the other set that we get to see in any given movie. He’s also not too bad at comedy, so depending on how serious the movie is it could be that we’ll see him in a couple of comedic moments, or not. Whatever happens, we’ll get to see another zombie movie and with Firth, it might be kind of a different experience, but it will be something interesting all the same. At the very least he’s a good enough actor to make something happen and it could be that he’ll have a different outlook on things that might make this movie kind of intriguing. 

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