Moon Knight: “The Goldfish Problem” Recap

Well, the Moon Knight series is here, and it’s easy to state that a lot of people, even the longtime fans of the vigilante, are probably more than a little surprised at what’s been revealed. For one thing, it’s not hard to see that one of his personalities has taken over and that Marc Spector is not in full control of his own senses. It’s already understood that Moon Knight has more than one dominant personality, but thinking that Steven Grant, the guy that works in the museum and is far more mild-mannered than Spector obviously, would be a dominant part of his psyche. It would appear that Khonshu, the spirit that helped to create Moon Knight, is less than approving of Steven, especially since the voice calls him ‘the idiot’. But it’s just as fair to say that Spector and the deity are kind of ruining Steven’s life, even if the end of the episode. Oh, right, spoilers are coming, so readers are aware. It does stand to reason that this first episode takes a while to reveal the titular character, but a bit of exposition does feel as though it will help later on. 

Some might not want to see this type of buildup, especially since it involves Steven cycling through his days and nights without fully understanding what’s going on or how he can be missing days from his life. It would appear that when Marc takes control that he’s either unable or not willing to share with Steven what’s going on since Steven wakes up at times without knowing where he is or what he’s done. The sand beneath his bed is a bit hard to understand, but it does appear that there’s a solid point to it since it is explained that thanks to his dissociative identity disorder, which he is aware of, he has more than one measure to ascertain whether he’s been active during the night. The circle of sand is used to indicate whether he’s set foot out of bed, and the tape on the door is another indicator of whether he’s been outside his home. Then there’s the cuff around his ankle that’s tied to the post near his bed. Steven takes no chances apparently, but it does feel as though Marc might be able to circumvent these preparations with a fair amount of ease. 

Upon waking up in a strange town where people are shooting at him, and in a fair amount of pain, Steven meets up with the servant of Ammit, an Egyptian deity that weighs the lives of human beings based on what they have done and will do when determining if they’re worthy of the afterlife. Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke, is the man calling the shots as of now, but it would appear that he does indeed serve a higher power, albeit one that isn’t exactly kind or caring toward those that are deemed less than servile. Worse than this, the group appears to have infiltrated more than one location as Harrow confronts Steven at the museum where he works, using his followers to hem Steven in and then, inexplicably, setting what looks like a mummified jackal on him as Steven is forced to run. 

It’s shortly after he enters the museum’s restroom that Marc finally appears to him fully in the mirror, telling Steven that he has to let him take over if they’re going to survive. Once he does, the Moon Knight emerges, and before the episode is over we see him standing triumphant over the creature. The arrival of the titular character is brief and to the point, but it looks as though it will lead nicely into the next episode, at which time the audience will hopefully be given a better look at Moon Knight and his mental condition since the dominance between Steven and Marc already looks like a troubling matter that is wreaking havoc on both of their lives, as Steven appears quite lonely and Marc almost appears to be hiding away for a reason, at least until he’s needed and has to take over. In the meantime, the deity that they’re bound by appears less than patient and also appears to be working diligently against Ammit, who already appears to be a deity that believes that she is doing something worthwhile but sounds like a tyrannical despot that has convinced her followers that people are the sum of their deeds. 

Many moments within this first episode are bound to be analyzed and pored over in various ways since people have been wanting to see this show emerge for a while. But until the next episode comes along, and the one after that, it’s fair to assume, for now, that Steven and Marc are going to have a rocky path forward while trying to share the same body. 

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