Moon Knight: Episode 6 Recap

Moon Knight: Episode 6 Recap

Moon Knight: Episode 6 Recap

Things would have felt kind of screwy had this season ended with Ammit sticking around, wouldn’t it? Maybe Infinity War was enough of a shock to the system when it came to the villain winning, but hey (spoilers coming), things tend to happen sometimes that people aren’t ready for. To say the least, that didn’t happen this time around since a last-second save was enough for Layla, Khonshu, and Marc to pull out what amounts to a victory as those involved were able to find a way to eke out a win in this strangely enjoyable finale. As many that have been watching the show already know, things were looking rather grim for Marc and Steven in the last episode as Harrow had resorted to shooting Marc in the chest and sending him and Steven to the afterlife where they’d been guided by Taweret to their final destination, which left Steven, the fabricated persona, out in the Duat, while Marc was given the chance at peace. It didn’t sound fair at all, but thankfully, Marc is shown to have a conscience and ends up going back for Steven, despite Taweret’s insistence that this is not a wise idea.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Layla is doing her best to find a way to stop Harrow, who has released Ammit. While the goddess appears pleased enough to be free, it’s fair to say that her plan for the world, or at least Cairo, is to judge everyone based on her own set of criteria as her followers seek to judge everyone around them. Even after freeing Khonshu, Layla is unwilling to become his avatar and states that she doesn’t trust the god, but is willing to fight against Harrow. Interestingly enough, she does become a temporary avatar, but not for the bird-headed god of the moon and sky. Instead, Layla ends up becoming Taweret’s avatar and is given a rather interesting outfit that’s useful for more than looking good. 

This is proven when she and Marc take on Harrow, who, after becoming Ammit’s avatar, is far more powerful than he’s ever been, and much more skilled than people might have realized as he fends off both Marc and Layla during a heated battle within the city. As Ammit and Khonshu slug it out in the background, Harrow ends up fending off Marc, Steven, and Layla again and again. What was impressive was the partnership between Marc and Steven as they continued to switch from one form to the other, with Steven tapping into the fighting skills of his counterpart to dish out some well-deserved pain to Ammit’s followers as well. Unfortunately, Ammit proves to be too powerful, though Harrow eventually finds himself as a victim of Marc and Steven’s unknown personality, which decimates the followers of Ammit and nearly kills Harrow before Marc regains control. Taking the advice of another deity, Layla and Marc return Harrow to the same chamber where Ammit was released and bind her in Harrow’s form as Khonshu implores Marc to kill Harrow to end them both. When Marc refuses, however, he demands that Khonshu release him, and Steven, which the god reluctantly does before departing. 

Amazingly, Steven and Marc continue to inhabit the same body as it would appear during the last part of the episode, and the two of them are still up to the same tricks as they attempt to walk across their apartment, only to be tripped up by the cord around their ankle. In a sense, this show came full circle in a very short time, but without spilling the last detail that a lot of people were wanting to talk about. Of course, that’s what post-credits are for, and Moon Knight doesn’t disappoint in this manner as the fans were given a look at Harrow as he’s been kept in a psych ward, as one might assume, but is taken by someone that doesn’t reveal their face until the end of the scene. One might forgive Harrow in this moment for being unaware of what’s going on since it’s likely that he’s been heavily medicated and kept sedated for a while. But the appearance of Khonshu, in a suit no less, makes it clear that things aren’t quite as finished as some might have thought. 

What people might have missed is the fact that Khonshu said he would leave Marc and Steven alone, but as he makes it clear, the two men are more disturbed than even they knew. When he introduces Jake Lockley, who is revealed to be the third aspect that neither Marc nor Steven knew anything about, it’s tough to see how people could have missed this if they were watching the show from start to finish. But apparently, there are plenty of questions that people have yet to see answered in their minds. Hopefully, in their case, there’s a season 2 that will be coming to make certain that they get the answers they want. They could just Google it too, I suppose. 

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