Money Heist: Character Analysis

Money Heist: Character Analysis

Money Heist: Character Analysis

When it comes to Netflix’s Money Heist,  it’s hard to imagine the thriller without the main characters. After all, each of them was hand selected by the Professor for a reason. Although we lost a couple of the main characters in season 4, we get to enjoy the majority of the gang including, Tokyo, Denver, the Professor, and Nairobi. Check out the character analysis we did each of the main characters in Money Heist:

1. The Professor

The Professor played by Alvaro Morte, has one of the most brilliant minds we have ever seen on television.  The Professor whose real name is Sergio is also related to one of his accomplices. He is the mastermind behind all of the heists and he is responsible for putting the infamous team together. Besides his smarts, the professor has a keen ability to read people although he seems like an introvert that’s used to the dark shadows rather than the limelight. The success of the heist depended on his ability to manipulate the negotiator; Raquel. The Professor falling in love with Raquel was unexpected and initially threatened the heist.

2. Rio

The Professor enlisted Rio (Miguel Herran) because he is the best hacker in the world. Rio is young and a bit unsure of himself when it comes to his future and what he really wants out of life. He’s also Tokyo’s on and off again boyfriend. In Season 5, Rio is a totally different person after being detained and tortured by the authorities. Saving Rio was the reason the crew underwent the second heist.

3. Denver

Unlike the other members, Denver doesn’t have any special skills. However, his father Moscow was an expert with pretty much every tool and was valuable to the Professor which is how Denver earned his spot. Although at times Denver is a complete douchebag that really doesn’t know any better he does have a conscience. When Berlin tells Denver to kill Monica for trying to sneak a cellphone he can’t bring himself to do it. Denver and Monica end up falling in love.

4. Helsinki

Darko Peric plays Helsinki the former Serbian soldier in the Netflix series who is the muscle of the group. Despite, Helsinki’s menacing stature, as the series goes on we learn that he’s just a giant teddy bear. He develops a close friendship with Nairobi after the first heist and a relationship with Palmero in Season 5.

5.  Berlin

Berlin does too great of a job at playing one of the most hated characters on this series. Berlin is the Professor’s blood brother and the second in command during the Royal Mint heist. He’s an egotistical narcissist and he even had a non-consensual sexual relationship with one of the hostages. Berlin sacrifices himself for the gang while they were escaping the Royal Mint heist.

6. Nairobi

Nairobi is a fan favorite. She’s feisty and she’s an expert in forgery and counterfeit. The Professor brought her on to the team to help with the production of the bills that would be printed by the Royal Mint workers. She does a great job at managing the printing of the bills and ensuring that they are of the highest quality. The Royal Mint workers even start to admire her. Nairobi is close friends with Tokyo and Helsinki.

7. Tokyo

Tokyo was a small-time bank robber. She was saved from walking into a police trap by the Professor who pulled up on her in a red beat-up Honda and enlisted her help. Tokyo has a fiery personality and she’s quite unpredictable which can be a good thing and a bad thing at times. Although she’s tough as nails on the outside, at heart she is a lover and that has been her downfall.

8. Lisbon

Lisbon is introduced in the first season as  Raquel Murillo the best police negotiator in the industry that’s tasked with taking down the gang during the Royal Mint heist. The Professor approaches Raquel as a civilian alter ego and he gets her to fall in love with him which was all part of his grand plan. Raquel ends up swapping sides and working alongside the Dali gang in Season 5. In Season 5 she is arrested and her loyalty to the Professor is tested. However, she remains solid and The Professor is able to free her.

9. Monica

No one ever expected to see Monica toting a gun and officially joining the Dali gang in Season 5. We originally met Monica as a hostage that was pregnant by her married boss Arturo. When Monica and Denver fell in love she ended up escaping with him. Monica and Denver have created a beautiful life together with their child.

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