The Most Thrilling Moments in Money Heist

Imagine immersing yourself in thrill, romance, comedy, action, and suspense? While at it, focus on the shock you feel when the events turn out precisely the opposite of your expectations. That’s what you get in the Money Heist Series. A mixed feeling of sweetness and bitter herbs. Are you ready for a takeover?  If you’ve never watched Money Heist, it’s time you give it a shot. It’s not only thrilling but full of impeccable episodes that will glue you next to your screen. Create enough time since once you start watching, you won’t stop!


Money Heist is about the biggest Spanish crime (Heist) drama led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte). Two well-prepared heists take place, one at the Royal Mint of Spain and the other heist at the Bank of Spain. The thrills lie in the gangs’ plan in coming up with plans and the tension the actualization of the same gives. Enacting the whole plan arouses some nerves, and you are left with tingles. Unforeseen events happen along the way before the whole plan is put in place. And it sums up to a good addition of sweet and sour spice to the whole series. You don’t want to miss any scene. When you think you understand what happens next, boom, a twist of episodes occurs. The suspense is so natural. It leaves you anxious to watch what will happen next—such a mind-blowing and exciting method to see you through to the end.

Though the cast members compliment skills, you can’t fail to see the difference in their personalities. The relationship between Professor and Raquel is one of a kind. There is a way they approach the police while the other gang is inside the bank that makes it look original. Even where they encounter numerous problems in achieving the heist, the cast stays together. They have different ways of solving problems which spice up the suspense. And that makes them stick together to achieve their primary goal, to commit the crime. La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) has attracted followers from all over the world. It has attracted an international audience as they wait for the show to come to an end. Once you watch the first episode, you can’t keep calm till you watch the last. That’s why you need to be counted.

Romance In La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

Leave alone the power struggle between Berlin and Tokyo, plus now Palermo’s, and watch out for the love triangles. Before then, focus on the dad-son relationship between Moscow and Denver, and you will see true love. And the lovely affairs then take over. Monica (Esther Acebo), a hostage, falls in love with Denver (her captor), which earns her the nickname Stockholm. She ruins the escape plan that hostages were working on by running away with Denver. The love syndrome happens between Professor and the Inspector. Majorly, the affairs happen so fast to ease the tension they already feel. It only becomes beautiful as they crack jokes that create a humorous environment. And no one has a right to the love rues of the other cast member.

Tokyo couldn’t resist the young tech guru Rio (Miguel Herrán) as their love picks. And Tokyo thinks Rio is her Mr. Right. Tokyo gets Rio hurt in a reckless turn of events, which breaks any real fan’s heart. Their reunion will later glue you back to the screen. It’s priceless. Love hurts; you might shed a tear. What becomes of Professor’s affair? Love manages to snatch the master planner of Money Heist in a blink of an eye. He had earlier said that no falling in love during the heist. But, see love. The plan is well laid, but love penetrates Professor’s heart. He falls out with Raquel (Itziar Ituño), an inspector. The heart doesn’t recognize the great project ahead of him. He shows love at first sight, but the last part of the scene makes you wonder if he was a traitor or in love.

Nairobi falling in love with Helsinki is one of the best affairs in the Money Heist. Even though Nairobi understands he is gay, she doesn’t seem to care. All she wants is to get married and start a family. And as long as they have a strong bond and care for one another, she is good. But who dares kill Nairobi? Helsinki is left in a devastating situation and is set to seek revenge.

You Never Saw This Coming

The song “Bella Ciao” becomes a hit. It happens while robbing The Royal Mint of Spain. What happened? Moscow is digging an escape route for Professor. When he finally sees the exit, he can’t contain himself and burst into singing Bella Ciao. The rest of the team joins him in singing. That makes the song trend. While in the Bank of Spain, the gang is busy, then Alicia Sierra (the master interrogator) tricks Nairobi. She knows that she has a son and thus plays with her mind that they have captured him. Such a trick to a mother! It sends Nairobi to a window to peep and see his son (who is supposedly kidnapped). A snipper will then shoot her, though; it doesn’t kill her or the rest of the gang. Tokyo landing in the police hands becomes another of Professor’s dilemma. The only mistake she made was to question the leadership of Berlin. And when she plays smart to overthrow him and be the team commander, she is instead thrown out of The Royal Mint of Spain. That’s how she landed in danger.

Nairobi recovers from the bullet wound. Gandia then takes her as a hostage. Later, he makes a bargain with her life to escape from a deadly situation and shoots her. The saddest part is watching the lifeless body of Nairobi being carried from the Bank of Spain. You can see Helsinki’s pain for losing his partner and the gang’s devastation on his action. The rest of the gang pays their last respect.  Money Heist has too much going on and yet will make you stick there waiting for more. They served the scenes justice, and the characters leave you in stitches. You can’t get enough.

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