The Boys Gets Renewed for Season 4

The Boys renewed Season 4

Amazon and Sony’s take on the superhero genre from, possibly the darkest of all comic book material, “The Boys” by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The show launched in 2019, and like every other show that was set to explode during the time that became known as The Pandemic, “The Boys” was hit with several delays between seasons that left over a year gap between nearly every season. However, as “The Boys” has expanded into three current seasons and an already aired spin-off, the show doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon especially as the show has already been renewed for Season 4 ahead of the halfway point through Season 3. Below, we’ve gone into detail on everything regarding “The Boys so far”, the future of spin-offs, and of course the early renewal of “The Boys” Season 4.

The Boys Comic

“The Boys” original material lies within “The Boys” comic series from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, printing with WildStorm for the first 6 issues and the rest of the series being released through Dynamite. While “The Boys” on Amazon has certainly been inspired by the dark, satirical humor from the original comics, its likely that the comic books will always be the darker representation of not only “The Boys” live-action material but also darker than any other comics that have been getting a live-action rendition. From sex and gore to drugs and so much more, “The Boys” has never strayed from any one topic for fear of backlash which has been easily proven as all of those things have been reflected in the Amazon series and the comic books.

The Boys on Amazon

Specifically, “The Boys” on Amazon has been a fresh take on superheroes and the like with its more grounded approach to everything fans of Marvel have gotten used to. While there have been occasionally dark moments in the MCU, overall it’s a family-friendly platform with very limited swearing and avoids gore with swift camera angles. When it comes to DC films, the company has without a doubt not been able to compare to Marvel’s joint storytelling but DC themselves can create some magnificent individual films that don’t usually connect as heavily as Marvel has been able to.

The Boys Spinoffs Before and After Season 3

“The Boys” has entered its third season this month, June 2022, but earlier in the year the first, of at least 3 to come, a spinoff related to “The Boys” premiered called “Diabolical” and following a common trend lately, as could be seen with Marvel’s “What If..” of telling stories outside of our known characters, but in animated form. While “What If..” actually explored a specific line of Marvel comics, “The Boys: Diabolical” was much more of a smaller story, as it consisted of different, apparently-canonical, stories from within the world of “The Boys” per episode, with each episode written by a different comedian, actor, or group of said people. Before “Diabolical” actually premiered it was confirmed it was only one of two spin-offs in the works at that time. The other, currently unannounced title for the second incoming spinoff will focus on Supes in college exclusively for them, which could be ever more violent and sexual than “The Boys” has been itself and can be expected next year, as well as the likeness of a second season of “Diabolical” in the future. Regarding “The Boys”, outside of the core show, and simple yet not-so-simple spinoffs, Vernon Sanders, head of global television at Amazon Studios stated, “There’s ideas beyond the shows that we have, We want to pace ourselves. The launch of this season so far has really blown us away, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard about more but for the time being, we are focused on this next show and making sure it lives up to everything it needs to be, and so far, we are on track.”

The Boys Renewed for Season 4

When it came to the sudden, fast renewal of “The Boys” Season 4 on Amazon it’s really no surprise as each episode of the show only builds up the grander scheme to help solidify the constant fight between Butchers’ Boys and The Seven. With Season 3’s latest character to join the fray, Soldier Boy, it has shown that “The Boys” could allude to characters famous within the original comics long before their actual first appearance. There has also been a larger than usual promotional campaign for the current season of “The Boys” with everything from a Vought news show premiering often on YouTube between seasons two and three, the current Twitter campaign that promotes each new episode that premiers weekly, and the rumored “Herogasm” episode that we’ve already gotten hints towards this season that will likely premiere within the next two episodes, if not saved for the finale.

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