10 Things You Didn’t Know about Misha Nonoo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Misha Nonoo

When you have celebrities, including the royal family attending your wedding, you are bound to raise lots of questions as to who you are. Misha Nonoo has been hitting the headlines lately since her wedding to Michael Hess when lots of celebrities showed their support to the newlyweds. The Duchess of Sussex even read her an emotional poem which got us curious to discover more about Misha. Here are a few details we uncovered about the fashion designer.

1. She debuted use of social media as a fashion show venue

In 2015, Minoo was ready to make history by debuting a fashion show on Instagram. She is not the first to make use of social media to market her brand. Mercedes Benz and Heineken had already done, but Misha still had her objective. Misha was not looking to save money but time to focus better on the product. She also confessed to loving the inclusiveness that Instagram offers, unlike the traditional fashion shows that appeal to an audience in a precise location. However, Minoo did not want to use the app forever and told Fast Company that she would prefer launching her e-commerce site.

2. Her engagement

February is the month of love, and most women will expect their partners to pop the question on Valentine’s Day to commemorate the day. One such lucky woman was Misha Nonoo whose then-boyfriend decided to propose during their Valentine’s Day getaway in Cabo San Lucas. Mikey Hess posted the engagement photos in his private Instagram account captioning it with the sweetest words. Although no close-up pictures of the engagement ring were availed, you should know that it was quite a sizable diamond ring according to Daily Mail.

3. Her ex-husband is dating Maria Sharapova

Misha’s ex-husband Alexander Gilkes seems to have eyes for the high-profile women. After his divorce with Misha, the one serious relationship that has been rumored to be heading to the altar is that with Maria Sharapova. The two have been dating since 2018 but then given how long he takes to marry, Maria could be waiting for a decade longer. This conclusion is due to his history with Misha; the two began dating in 2003 and waited until 2012 to get married.

4. Both of the men she married are multi-millionaires

Some women seem to have their lives going their way as the rest take it one day at a time. We can comfort ourselves that money cannot buy happiness, but no one smiles on an empty stomach. Misha Nonoo has been fortunate enough to have wealthy men want to spend the rest of their lives with her. Her first husband, Alexander, is the co-founder of Paddle8, which makes over $1 billion as its annual income. Her current husband Mikey comes from a billionaire family whose principal investment is oil. Mikey is the heir to all this wealth that dates back to his grandfather who founded Hess Oil and Chemical Corporation.

5. How she and the Duchess of Sussex met

They say someone’s real character is revealed when they have everything. Misha Nonoo can attest to the fact that Meghan is a loyal friend regardless of her social status. The two met in Miami during lunch at Art Basel, and they hit it off since they shared similar interests. The pair talked about their love for dogs as well as women empowerment and equality. Misha once described the instant connection by likening it to how fast a house catches fire. Luckily for her, Meghan has proven to be a true friend whom she can talk to about anything, from business to personal matters.

6. She could have helped Prince Harry and Meghan meet

Prince Harry and Meghan have never disclosed the name of the female mutual friend who helped set them up for a blind date. However, rumor has it that it most probably was Misha. The mysterious female friend facilitated a meeting between Harry and Meghan. She then went ahead to still arrange for two back to back dates in London for the couple. After the second date, Harry could not wait for Meghan to spend five days with him in Botswana, camping under the stars.

7. She has gained more exposure through Meghan Markle

It is one thing to have a friend in the palace, but it is another to have that person help your business to grow. Misha credits Meghan for helping her gain exposure since Meghan has been spotted in public wearing Misha’s designs. When Meghan wore the Husband Shirt during the September 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, women could not wait to learn who the designer was. Although the shirt goes for $185, according to Cheatsheet, the Meghan effect went into motion. Misha said the exposure was incredible and described the move a beautiful surprise.

8. Her favorite holiday tradition

While some cannot wait to go shopping for presents and hang them up in socks by the fireplace, Misha’s idea of well-spent holidays is unique. She would rather cook shepherd’s pie for her close family and friends. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, Michael should turn up his appetite for this dish. Shepherd’s pie dates back to the 1700s when it was supposedly a poor man’s meal as the housewives were looking to be frugal. Now it is a cherished meal that even millionaires will prefer to serve as a treat during holidays.

9. The motivation behind her Easy 8 Collection

In 2017, Misha launched her Easy 8 collection that comprises eight pieces which can be worn in 22 different ways. According to Misha, most women did not have the time to pick outfits and still manage their empires. She, therefore, wanted to make it easy for them to be as versatile as possible such that an outfit can be formal or casual depending on how one wears it. She designed the clothes having in mind the versatile woman who is ever on the go like she is. Misha therefore, also limited the colors of the pieces to only black and white. One piece is the Husband’s Shirt that Meghan wore in her first public appearance with the prince.

10. Her net worth

Different sources give different figures for Misha’s net worth. While some quote it as slow as $1.2 million, others report that she is worth at least $15 million. The bottom line is that her net worth is more than a million dollars, and as her high-profile friends continue marketing her designs, the amount will increase.

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