That Time 50 Cent Challenged Floyd Mayweather to Read One Page of a Harry Potter Book

That Time 50 Cent Challenged Floyd Mayweather to Read One Page of a Harry Potter Book

50 Cent actually challenged Floyd Mayweather to read a single page out of a Harry Potter book without screwing up? And it’s an ASL/ELS challenge no less. Somebody-help-humanity-please. And by all means, leave 50 Cent for last, he’s already proven that he isn’t a top priority for anyone many times over.

At this point 50 Cent is still relevant somehow in the world in general, but with videos like this one has to wonder why. If you’re going to call someone out to read one page out of any book without messing up then there are a lot of other books that could prove to be unstoppable tongue twisters than Harry Potter. Maybe 50 thinks that Harry Potter is challenging reading. No offense to J.K. Rowlings but Harry Potter isn’t exactly War and Peace, at least not in the literary sense.

The books are a great read and highly imaginative, but they’re written primarily for younger readers. Is 50 Cent trying to say that Mayweather is a remedial reader? That insult might work since it’s a little more on point and despite being highly insensitive and just plain old mean it can be easily understood without having to delve any further into the insipid reason why these two ever stopped being friends. Is it just me or do people’s personal problems become a lot more trivial when they become famous?

Even if it’s something serious they must deal with the media tends to blow it up until the mildest scratch can pop the thing wide open and allow the mess that’s inside to come spilling out. And with 50 Cent the mess smells a little funky sometimes.

When exactly did the ice bucket challenge become the ‘read a page from a Harry Potter book challenge’?  Keep in mind this is from a few years ago so really if no one bothered to give a good, solid reason then it’s likely that we won’t ever know. What we will know is that 50 Cent is constantly lauded as a genius and this and that and the other, but what I’d really like to know is if he can do it.

Can he read a single page out of a Harry Potter book without stopping or screwing up? It might not be quite as simple as it sounds considering that the words Rowling uses aren’t used on a constant basis by everyone. Also it all depends on the page you pick, because some are half-pages, some are quarter pages, and so on. He needs to bring forth the stipulations of the challenge first and foremost. The ice bucket challenge might be a lot simpler for 50 since all you have to do is douse yourself in cold water for charity.

But reading for charity? It sounds like something that might be a good idea, but making it a challenge sounds a little nuts. Reading to kids for charity sounds like a good idea, but making it into something that could potentially be difficult is taking things just a bit too far really.


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