10 Things You Didn’t Know about Odette Annable

Odette Annable is one of those actors you know you’ve seen somewhere and even heard her name but you can’t figure it out until you do a little research. Turns out that she’s got a modest to impressive filmography and she’s been around for a while, long enough that she knows her way around to industry obviously. But as far as being a megastar she might fall just shy of the mark but it doesn’t seem to bother her. For a while acting was a way to pay the bills and she’s enjoyed it ever since. The kind of attitude it takes to really get into acting it seems is the kind that treats it just like another job, a way to get paid and keep a roof over your head from one month to the next.

Sure a lot of actors make the kind of money that a lot of us won’t see in our lifetimes but so long as they’re enjoying what they do and loving life more often than not then so be it. Acting isn’t the easiest job in the world even if it’s also not the hardest, but it’s what they chose and what they love to do so being good at it and wanting to excel is of course the main goal. Odette has definitely shown that she has the skills and the drive to keep a career going and is undoubtedly going to hang around for a bit, at leas we hope she will.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She’s interested in sports and fashion.

Odette likes to be active as it helps her to stay in shape, and in some cases it can help her meditate as well and rise above the average stress of her day. But then when it’s necessary or she just feels like it she likes to look her best and perhaps step out on the town now and again when she has the time. That’s a pretty big swing but a lot of people manage it since a good number of people like to maintain an active life while at the same time being able to dress up and primp a bit.

9. She’s a fan of Angeline Jolie.

It’s always amusing but never too surprising when celebrities confess to being fans of other celebrities. After all you’ve got to figure that some of them are still young enough to have idolized those that came before them and are still in the business. It seems like it would be a rush to be in the same industry as your favorite actor.

8. She was in Kindergarten Cop.

Odette played the part of Rosa in this movie and as you can imagine she was very young at the time. Of course looking at her now it’s obvious that her parents wanted to keep her involved with an acting career, but it was eventually Odette’s decision and thankfully she stuck with it.

7. She’s had a voice role in Elena of Avalor.

Elena of Avalor is one of the newest Disney princesses in the lineup and has been a favorite of young girls and even adolescents since making her way onto the scene. Getting a role in something like this was a sure way to latch onto something meaningful and quite important to be honest since Elena is yet another bit of diversity within the princess category for Disney.

6. Her filmography is fairly impressive.

She’s been around and done a few things at this point as it can be seen and isn’t a newbie anymore. While it seems like she might have decided to take a break recently it could be that she’s taking more family time since she and her husband had their daughter in 2015.

5. She’s had a part on House.

She was on House for an impressive 22 episodes which is something to be proud of quite honestly since the show attracted a number of people that were highly talented and no doubt gave her plenty of insight on how to improve her career and hone her own skills.

4. She’s been seen in Supergirl.

Chalk this up as another reason to be impressed by what she’s done so far in her  career. After all it’s not just anyone that can step into a superhero show and play a character that people like. As it goes with her career this is a role that some people might not know too much about, but it’s still a high point for her.

3. She was in The Unborn.

This film was uniquely creepy, especially if a person watching it was born as a twin. Not only is it just flat out scary it was extremely underrated for being as masterful of a horror film as it was. Unfortunately was seen as a there and gone kind of movie when it came out.

2. She starred in Cloverfield.

Some people liked this movie, others not so much. Cloverfield has had a decent following since its inception but it’s also had to deal with a lot of backlash from the way it was filmed.

1. She’s a big fan of In N Out Burger.

Apparently this is the one junk food place she can’t do without. At least she has good taste, right?

It seems like we should be seeing her in films more often, she’s got the talent.

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