Whatever Happened to Aaron Schwartz?

Whatever Happened to Aaron Schwartz?

Aaron Schwartz is a textbook example of how the fat kid from a favorite 90s movie can grow up to become someone you might not expect. For all that anyone knew he’d done the movie Heavyweights and then called it quits, but nothing could be further from the truth since he’s been staying busy for quite a few years now and has been a part of a few projects that people obviously have no idea about. During his time on The Mighty Ducks, he played the role of Dave Karp, a young kid that was pretty hefty and had a serious attitude much like his friends but was genuinely a good kid that was a part of the foundation that was laid for this franchise. Sadly, he never came back for the sequels, as several people didn’t, but he did move on with his career since he starred in Heavyweights, a movie that was more or less intended to promote body positivity but also healthy living since the whole plot had to do with Schwartz, aka Gerry, attending a fat camp that was geared towards letting kids have fun in a non-judgmental way and to promote an active lifestyle. Health really had nothing to do with it as the audience found out when Gerry was introduced to his housemates and found out that they’d brought a stockpile of snacks that could have allowed them to open their own convenience store.

But apart from that, it’s likely that many people lost track of Aaron since it would appear that he hasn’t done quite as much as a few of his former costars. But he hasn’t been entirely absent from the life since he’s been involved in a handful of projects over the years that have kept him busy. He was even the actor that was used as a facial reference for the younger version of Ego in The Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. Yep, the actor used for those scenes was Schwartz, so technically he’s been a part of the MCU, and after learning that I know I can say that it would be great if they would take another look at him and bring Aaron in for an actual role if they’re ever interested. It’s hard to say if he would agree to it or not, but it would be great to hear that he was actually given an offer after being used in such a manner. Given that he’s showed up anywhere after The Mighty Ducks it’s fair to say that he’s one of the success stories even if a good portion of what he’s done hasn’t really been considered a big deal. Getting him back into the public eye would be a great idea it sounds like if only because he’s one of those that hasn’t given up and packed it in over the years. It would even be great to see him in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney+, especially given that he’s one of the first Ducks to start up the team that helped to make a lot of our childhoods just a little brighter.

It might sound a bit sad and pathetic to some to hear some folks pining for the 90s when in truth the 90s had its fair share of issues like any other decade, but at the very least the stars from that era were still gaining popularity before social media became such a huge entity within American culture. Aaron and many others had to work at their craft at that time, creating characters and memorable moments that were pretty cheesy sometimes but are still remembered as moments in our younger years that were fun because we could relate to them in such a big way. Now that he’s older and is still around it feels as though he might deserve a few more big shots when it comes to the mainstream if only to show whether or not he can really hang with those that have made the business what it is today. Personally, I would guess that he could without too much trouble since the guy wasn’t a bad actor as a kid, and seeing him being given another big shot would be a lot of fun. Watching his old performances is still a lot of fun since Heavyweights, campy and corny as it was (oh admit it, the movie was about fat kids rebelling against getting in shape), still offered a lot of good-natured laughs and was something that quite a few kids can still relate to since of all the things that have changed over the years, being a fat kid in a world where such a thing is seen as unhealthy and kind of unappealing is still present. But one would think that by looking at Aaron now a lot of kids might actually be inspired since the guy’s in pretty good shape.

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