10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maxim Roy

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maxim Roy

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maxim Roy

Born on March 7, 1972, this beautiful actress, Maxim Roy, has made a name for herself in Canada and in the US. Many of her roles have been in Netflix series, but she has also been seen in on-stage productions as well. The talented Roy is one of Canada’s most beautiful and talented actresses today. She’s won multiple awards for her roles and has had multiple nominations for others. If you recognize this beautiful and very popular Netflix series actor, then keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Maxim Roy.

1. She’s Canadian

Maxim Roy, is from Rigaud, Quebec, Canada and she has made a name for herself in Canada and in the US with her talent as an actor, writer, director and of course, her many television and film roles she’s played throughout her career.

2. Her breakthrough role came as a lead role in a television series

Every big-time actor has their breakthrough role that sends them on their acting path. For Roy, she will tell you that her breakthrough role was on the television series, Au nom du Pere et du Fils, for which she has the lead role in the thirteenth episode. This role got her recognized and more roles began to flood in for the talented beauty.

3. The number of her role credits is above double-digits

For being in her thirties, this young actress has a good number of television and film roles under her belt. As a matter-of-fact, Roy has played a role in more than 100 TV shows and films, with Defying Gravity and Heartland, being just a couple of her long list.

4. She’s done theatrical work

You already know that Roy has a long television and film history, but did you know she’s also done theatrical work? According to informational credit, Roy is known for playing roles in several musicals and stage plays as well, which include, L’Affaire Tartuffe, and Les Boys, which ran in 1999.

5. She founded and co-owns a film production company

Beyond acting, Roy has branched out and worked with Dominic Laurence to start her own film production company, something many actors have done along their journey in the industry. The company is called, Sanna Films and it’s first film production was, Final Four, a film she wrote and directed herself. Following Final Four, Roy’s partner, Dominic Laurence, directed the second film by Sanna Films, titled, Lotto 6/66, which Roy plays a role in.

6. She considers English speaking roles a success

According to an article on distractify, Roy describes one of her biggest accomplishments in acting are the roles where she gets to use her skill of speaking with an English accent. She has also said that she still has moments where her life as an actor and her accomplishments hit her, and it’s usually when she walks on stage, realizing she came from a small town in Canada, and now she is a well-known name in show biz.

7. She’s from a family of actors

Maxim Roy isn’t the only member in her family who got the acting bug and made a career out of it. As a matter-of-fact, Roy has three other members in her family that act and they are all older, and they are all brothers. Roy says her brothers were trained at two different schools in Canada, The National Theater School of Canada, as well as, The Conservatory of Canada. Watching her brothers on stage was some of her biggest inspiration for following in their footsteps.

8. She is great with roles dealing with the supernatural

Many actors have their types of roles they tend to shine in, and for Roy, that happens to be supernatural roles. One of her latest roles is a Netflix series titled, October Faction. It is being compared to another popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, but is said to be a little less scary. October Faction is one of a few supernatural roles Roy has undertaken and she seems to be a natural with them, including her role as Jocelyn, Clary Fray’s mom on Shadowhunters.

9. She considers herself to be shy and recluse

Roy admits that she’s naturally a shy person, and not a social person. When she’s not working, she prefers to stay to herself and even interview over the phone, as opposed to in-person interviews. She says that she likes to read when she’s at home alone, and I bet you can’t guess what her favorite topic is to read about. Roy says she’s all about NASA and will read and research anything to do with it, along with other science topics.

10. She’s involved in several organizations

According to her site, Maxim Roy, acting isn’t the only thing Roy involves herself in. She is very active in a number of organizations that mean a lot to her. For one, she’s involved with the non-profit ANEB organization helps those who suffer from eating disorders, another organization she’s passionate about is Greenpeace, and she has also taken a stance against bullying by making an anti-bullying TV commercial as a part of a campaign.

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