10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ming-Na Wen

Ming-Na Wen is what you would call an awesome character since quite a few roles that she has on camera are bound to be pretty great since she has the kind of look and attitude that allows her talent to flow naturally and without having to really push it to the point that it becomes less believable. Her poise and the way that she interacts with her costars make her seem like a cool customer sometimes but she’s been seen to be quite astute when it comes to reading people and reacting to them on set. Wen is the kind of actor that might come in looking like she’s completely stone-faced, but her level of emotion and acting range is quite awesome to watch since she’ll act out whatever part she needs to with a great deal of professionalism but also with enough realism that you can’t help but wonder what she’s like off stage.

Thankfully it seems like she’s a very fun person to be around.

10. She agrees that Street Fighter is a good movie, if you’re drunk.

This might seem like an odd thing to hear about an actor in relation to a movie that they were in but it does bear thinking about since Street Fighter wasn’t all that well-received and it did have some odd moments in it that might have been better appreciated if one was inebriated.

9. Her name means ‘enlightenment’.

People’s names tend to mean a lot of different things in many different languages but this is rather inspiring when you think about it. One has to wonder if her parents had this planned or if it was a spur of the moment kind of thing.

8. She was in the first Street Fighter movie.

To be honest she was probably the better Chun Li since it was the first time anyone had seen this character in a live action film and it wasn’t done so poorly that you couldn’t watch it. Maybe a beer in one hand and a couple more on hand to get through the entire thing would help but it was still pretty entertaining.

7. She’s a regular on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Here she just gets to be the awesome agent that knows how to fight and, more importantly, how to win. As May she’s just flat out tough and can present a character that a lot of people have already expressed a lot of appreciation for since she brings a lot of expertise to the team.

6. Her career began back in 1985.

Wen goes back a ways since she’s been on the scene since the mid-80s when you might not have recognized her but she was still very much a talented and budding actress. From there to now however has been a huge transition.

5. She was on As the World Turns.

It’s kind of interesting to see how an actress develops from their first roles to those that they come to be known for. Wen was obviously still pretty young for this role but it helped her to move forward and that’s the important part.

4. She voiced the character Fa Mulan.

Mulan will likely go down in history as one of the toughest Disney princesses even if she’s not technically a princess in her own movie. But given that she’s been given the title anyway it’s hard to dispute it. She’s also reprising the role in the new Wreck It Ralph movie.

3. She had a part in Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within.

Aki was a much different character than fans might be used to seeing Wen play since she wasn’t a fighter at all but a scientist that was kind of lost when it came to combat. But despite the fact that the movie wasn’t that great she did a good job and made the part believable at least.

2. Her parents divorced when she was an infant.

This couldn’t have been easy on her even if she wasn’t old enough to remember, but her mother did remarry and for all intents and purposes Wen had a good and very structured life that led her to acting at one point and the rest is history.

1. Her daughter has followed her footsteps in voice-acting.

You have to wonder if she encouraged her daughter to do this or if she decided on her own to pursue the same line of work that her mother has done for a while. The funny thing about this is that her daughter has voiced a part on Sofia the First, the same show that she’s actually voiced the part of Mulan for when the character showed up thanks to Sofia’s amulet.

So far she’s had a very impressive career and it goes without saying that she’s going to continue to stick around for a while. She’s definitely one of the better actresses that is currently active today and it’d be great to see her do other projects that are compatible with her talents.

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