10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nora Waldstätten

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nora Waldstätten

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nora Waldstätten

Nora Waldstätten, born on December 1, 1981, comes from a family of former barons in Austria. At the age of six, she knew she wanted to become an actress thus later enrolled at Berlin University to study Arts. Nora made her debut in the acting industry through “Tatort” a police procedural series. Since then, she has won three awards and is not slowing down any time soon. She is not on Instagram, perhaps preferring to avoid the pressure to keep fans updated with every detail of her life. For those who know nothing about the actress, here are a few facts to enlighten you.

1. She can hide well in public

Nora is not the type of celebrity who will walk around with bodyguards or wear clothes that will have people immediately, concluding she must be rich. When she arrived in her interview with Berliner Beitung, nobody recognized her. Still, in another interview, she blended easily with the ordinary citizens with her jeans and sneakers; she even took it down a notch further by not putting on makeup.

2. She has been living in Berlin for over a decade

The actress was born in Vienna, but when you meet her, you can barely tell that she is from Austria. She has become so good at speaking German that she has been described as one of the best German-speaking actresses of our time. Her fluency in the language is not because she took some language classes; the actress has been living in Germany for 15 years. Matter of fact is once you hear her speak German, you can hardly tell she is from Austrian since the accent has faded with time.

3. She thought she would be a ballerina

“Angelina Ballerina” cartoon and “Ballerina” film have inspired many little girls to think about becoming ballerinas once they grow up. The grace and poise that comes with ballet dances is not something that you can find in any other dance. However, it is not the poise that attracted Nora to the art. At six years old, the actress was excited to be part of the theatrical world when she first got the opportunity to be in stage. She immediately got attracted to become a ballerina and became an expert at using her body to express herself. She continued with ballet for two years, but everything changed when she was offered a speaking part, which immediately had her thinking of becoming an actress instead.

4. Why she got rid of the “von” in her name

Sometimes we label ourselves names that come to haunt us later. For instance, Puff Diddy was not the best of names; thus Sean Combs decided he better shorten it to P. Diddy. In the same way, Nora decided that she should add “von” to her stage name because in her teenage either she thought it had a nice ring to it. However, as revealed in her interview with Discover Germany, she realized that it had a negative connotation which she had not thought about before. Since the negative ideas reflect nothing about her background, Nora got rid of the “von.”

5. How she copes with being away from home

Although Nora has become used to calling Berlin her home, she still visits Vienna during the Christmas holidays to see her family. Still, Nora’s work as an actress demands that she travel a lot to different filming locations, so even spending time at her Berlin home is almost impossible. She said that she travels so much and ends up becoming homesick. However, she has learned to adapt by reminding herself of her comfort zone. The actress, therefore, sprays her pillow with lavender scent, lights up a scented candle, and always carries her favorite tea.

6. She always wears Coco Chanel

If wishes were horses, then beggar would ride; similarly, if we all could afford it, then we would wear designer clothes, but then that is something that only the rich have the luxury to do. Nora has enough money to spend on high-end products, and you will never catch her not wearing Coco Chanel perfume. She sometimes changes her fragrance depending on the mood; thus, she can switch between Gabrielle Chanel and No.5 Chanel.

7. She does not think it is beauty that makes one a successful actress

Beauty is not a necessity in acting, according to Nora, although, in some industries, we must say it is; no business would like to use an ugly model to promote their products. Nora thinks beauty is subjective, and actors must instead have charisma, good personality, and talent. According to Journelles, she feels that social media promotes the idea of ideal beauty, yet it is not a requirement for success.

8. Her beauty routine

Looking at the actress, you can hardly tell that she is 38 since she has taken good care of her skin. She revealed that her secret is using eye cream and light day cream such as Le Jour in the morning, while in the evening, she applies La Nuit. Nora enhances her eyes through eyeliner, adding that Signature Eyeliner Pen helps to draw the best lines. When she wants to avoid looking like she has not slept in days, then she invests in a reasonable amount of sleep accompanied by Chanel concealer around the corner of the eyes. Her cheekbones are enhanced by a shimmer from Le Lion de Chanel while on her lips, Nora applies Rouge Allure Ink.

9. Her favorite clothes

For Nora, anything that makes her feel good goes to the list of her favorite outfits. Therefore she recalls the haute couture dress she wore in Cannes during Carlos premiere as her favorite. She also likes a casual look and loves jeans from Closed, especially when she pairs them with a cozy sweater and sneakers. During winter, you will never catch Nora without her Lacoste hat.

10. She takes her characters seriously

When Nora was cast on “Parkour,” she became so absorbed by the character that she created a biography for her. She went ahead to learn about the character’s childhood, family relationships, fears, and dreams. Since the character worked in a post office, Nora went to a post office for two days. She served as an intern so she could understand the character’s feelings and what she was running away from, according to Euro Channel.

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