The Mindy Project 2.05 Review: “Wiener Night”

mindy2If you thought that Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) was cultured, the latest episode of The Mindy Project entitled, “Wiener Night,” will prove otherwise.  By the end of the episode you may be asking yourself if you are as cultured as you once thought.  Well, if you love romantic comedies and Katy Perry you probably are not.

The episode begins with a comedic scene on an airplane.  Mindy is eagerly waiting who will be sitting next to her on the flight home.  She envisions a man that she can spend the rest of her life with and starts to panic as sickly people keep walking past.  Her dreams are shattered when a Kevin Smith look-alike sits down beside her.  He even resorts to calling Mindy “chubby.”  I don’t understand why the show portrays Mindy as being overweight.  Granted, she is not as thin as most of the actresses on TV but she is not that big.  Mindy’s prayers for sitting next to an attractive male are answered when a young man named Jason informs “Kevin Smith” he is in the wrong seat.

Once back at the office, Mindy updates the team about Jason.  She tells them he is a writer for the New York Independent. Jeremy (Ed Weeks) and Danny (Chris Messina) express their disgust and let Mindy know that since the two have nothing in common the relationship will not last.  This is proven to be true when Mindy and Jason go to dinner.  He jokingly makes fun of a fictitious romantic comedy starring Rachel McAdams. Mindy, thinking he is serious, asks when they can go see that movie.

At the end of the night, Mindy invites Jason back to her place.  She is under the impression that the night went perfectly.  Jason is more than happy to go because he thinks he will be getting some action and afterwards the two will part ways permanently.  Upon hearing this, Mindy refuses to let him upstairs.

The next night, the gang heads out to an art show.  Christina (Chloe Sevigny) is featuring various nudes of Danny that she took when they were together.  Mindy believes this is the perfect way to show Jason she is cultured and asks him to come.  Danny, not wanting his co-workers to see his body, visits lawyer Cliff (Glenn Howerton) to see if they can file a suit and have the pictures removed.

Once the gang arrives at the art show, they are mesmerized by Danny’s body.  Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) states, “You look good for an old man,” while Betsy (Zoe Jarmen) is too nervous to say anything at all.  At this point, Danny decided to take the law into his own hands.  He starts moving the portraits so they face the street.  He wants to create a disturbance and have the cops order the photos be removed.  Towards the end of the night, Danny gets even crazier and starts to remove his clothing.  At this point, the police show up.  Cliff saves Danny from going to jail and everyone leaves the art show.

When Mindy returns home, she finds Jason at her front stoop.  He had left the art show without letting Mindy know.  In order to redeem himself, he starts spouting random pop culture references.  He takes it one step further and starts to sing a Katy Perry song.  Mindy is impressed and the two share a romantic kiss.  My guess is this guy will soon be kicked to the curb to make room for Lawyer Cliff.

As much as I love seeing actors from my other favorite shows (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Happy Endings) on The Mindy Project, there are just too many characters and not enough time to feature all of their great talents.  The concept worked for The Office, but it is struggling on this sitcom.  Don’t get me wrong. I love The Mindy Project and will continue to watch.  I just hope these great actors are given more time to shine.

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