Millie Bobby Brown as Britney Spears? Interesting.

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It kind of sounds as though Britney Spears doesn’t understand how biopics work since the subject of the movie doesn’t have to be dead in order for the movie to be made. But her comments concerning this idea make it clear that she doesn’t feel the need to give her blessing to a movie that might be made about her if there are those ambitious enough to make it happen. She might change her mind, but it’s hard to say since, at this time, it would appear that Millie Bobby Brown’s desire to portray Spears in a movie isn’t something that the 40-year-old singer is willing to entertain. That’s all well and good since plenty of movies have been made without the overall support of the people who are being depicted. One can’t help but wonder why Brown would want to do such a thing, but then again, it’s not that hard to figure out since Spears, despite the trouble that’s gone hand in hand with her fame, has lived a rather extraordinary life. Many would likely argue that she’s not someone to emulate or even show in a good light that might ignore and/or excuse some of the harder times she’s experienced in life, but in all honesty, it is a story that could end up being kind of interesting to a lot of people. 

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It’s easy to wonder what kind of light this movie would put Britney’s life in. 

Whether it’s the media, the fans, or Britney herself, it does feel as though this movie might show parts of Britney’s life that would be difficult if not impossible to put a positive light on. It’s fair to think that whoever made this movie might actually omit a few things or change a few things around to make it appear as though Britney never did have any serious problems or that they weren’t her fault in any way, but anything that’s less than genuine would no doubt be picked apart by the fans and by the detractors that had something to say. Any attempt to make her look like little more than a victim could go a long way toward making this movie a disaster that would stain someone’s reputation. 

One should be able to guess that Britney might have something else to say if this movie does get made. 

She’s already made it known that she doesn’t fully support this idea, and that’s not entirely surprising since to be honest, she has a lot of stuff in her past that she might not want to see on the big screen or on streaming. If the movie ever does get made, it’s easy to think that she might decide to stay quiet or could possibly go on record as stating that anything and everything seen in the movies was nothing more than a bunch of lies that someone wanted to tell. That’s one of the biggest issues with biopics, the point of view that is being used to tell the story could be entirely wide of the mark, but people might think that it’s true because it’s believed to be based on a true story. Other movies have done this as well, including Elvis, Walk the Line, and several others. Telling a story is all well and good, so long as people understand that it’s not necessarily true but that it derives its main point from something that actually happened. 

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Millie’s decision to take on this role could backfire. 

Millie has a great career at the moment, and it’s fair to think that she’s as untouchable as she can be since no one wants to stand against her or say anything negative that might besmirch her career. Many would argue that she’s done nothing to deserve it, and they’re likely right to do so. But taking on a movie like this can elevate a person’s career or end up damaging it simply because they were the wrong person for the role or because they gave themselves over to a script that was something less than what was bound to be accepted by the public. Whether people want to believe it or not, stars can be judged based on their roles and how they portray one character or another. 

It might not be time yet to make a movie based on Britney Spears. 

It could be that this movie isn’t ready to be made yet, that Spears, even after all she’s done, doesn’t need a movie made about her life yet. She’s been featured in one way or another in the media for years now, but a story that’s entirely about her life and features another star that is actually excited about the role might not be embraced by the fans at this time. 

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