10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maya Jama

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maya Jama

Maya Jama

Life is always summed up in three words; it goes on. Maya Jama is one person who does not live in the past, and once she makes up her mind, she does not look back. When she was a teenager, Maya cut her father out of her life, and she has done the same with Stormzy. Her career in the media began as a teenager, and with these ten facts, you can learn more that you probably did not know.

1. She broke up with her boyfriend before he proposed

Maya and Stormzy believed that they were meant for each other. After dating for three years, Maya was convinced that the relationship was moving from strength to strength, and after four years, Stormy was ready to put a ring on it. However, they split, and Maya moved out of their shared home. Fans speculated that the reason behind the break up was because Stormzy had cheated on Maya with Jorja Smith. A representative rubbished off those claims, and Maya claimed they split because they needed to concentrate on their respective careers. Despite saying that they were in good terms, Maya went ahead to unfollow Stormzy on Instagram.

2. She barely spent time with her father as a child

The choices one makes do not only affect them personally but also everyone around them. Maya’s father made terrible choices that led him to be sentenced to some jail terms now and then. With him in prison most of the time, Maya’s father missed out on his daughter growing up. At first, Maya went to visit him in prison. However, after some time, she thought it too cumbersome to drive for hours to see a person who kept choosing to be in jail. Eventually, she stopped visiting her dad but later wanted to reconnect with him. Maya tried to get to the root of why her father spent all that time in jail, but she never got the answers she was hoping for as she told The Guardian.

3. Her boyfriend was gunned down when she was 16

Young love is sweet, and you feel like you are drinking from the fountain of youth. Unfortunately, fate can ruin the plans you have, and that is what happened to Maya and her then-boyfriend, Rico. At only 16, May was involved with Rico Gordon, who was 21. Maya’s boyfriend was shot dead in a pub, and it affected her so much that she urged Crimewatch on BBC to find the killers. Her plea was heard, and in 2012, two men were found guilty of killing Rico Gordon and sentenced to life according to Mirror.

4. She was popular in high school

From one look, you can tell that Maya has a charm about her that makes other girls want to hang out with her. Her charisma dates back to her teenage years when in high school where throngs of pupils would follow her around the school. On Bristol Live, Kim, her former teacher, says that Maya was very magnetic and there is no way that you could not like her. Her laugh, according to her teacher, is infectious and Maya giggles incessantly.

5. She prefers working outdoors

Maya has a gorgeous body with curves in the right places, but she works hard at maintaining the figure. Gym subscriptions are quite costly but working out does not have to be only in the gymnasium. Maya prefers working outdoors and alone. She considers herself lucky to have a personal trainer, and her home has enough space for her to work out in the garden. According to her, the gym makes her uncomfortable since everyone will be staring at her.

6. Maya would like to be cremated

Death is inevitable, and nowadays, the issue of sendoff has also become paramount. Some especially Christians do not wish to be cremated saying that Ezekiel prophesied to the dry bones. So it is good to be intact upon the second coming of Christ. For Maya, she would like to be cremated and her ashes thrown into the park to nourish the trees.

7. Her mother is her hero

Most people assume that that being born into a family where both parents are present is what makes an ideal family. They could not be farther from the truth because although Maya had both parents, only her mother took to the task of raising and her brother. Maya’s mother worked many jobs to ensure she put food on the table and send her children to school. Moreover, she still saved up enough money to get her degree, and today, she holds a more prestigious job. Watching the sacrifices made and ambition that her mother has makes Maya proud of her mother.

8. She was not a model pupil

Maya may have an angelic look, but as a child, she was far from being an angel. Her psychology teacher, Kim Baker, revealed that Maya was not a pupil to use as an epitome of excellence. She not only turned in her homework late, but Maya was almost always late for school.

9. She got her name from Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou’s phenomenal woman poem must have inspired Maya’s mother. It convinces women that they do not have to have the ideal figure for them to be remarkable. Besides, “Still I Rise” is what Maya’s mother seems to live by because she never gave up on her dreams despite being a single mother to Maya and Omar. She, therefore, decided to name her daughter after the poet who keeps inspiring women to date.

10. She has been accused of being racist

One thing that people seem to forget is that the internet never forgets. Therefore whether you are in a drunken stupor or raging mad, whatever you post on the net will always come back to haunt you. In 2012, Maya posted a tweet insulting dark-skinned women who shaved their head. She said they cannot pull off the Amber Rose look and instead look like Michael Jordan. In 2013, Maya tweeted a picture of a black woman captioning it “Team shadow.” What Maya seems to forget is that her father is from Africa, and she carries black blood. Just because she is not as dark as other women, does not entitle her to make such comments and the BBC had to apologize on her behalf.

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