Five Things You Didn’t Know about Susan Braudy

Susan Braudy is best-known for being an author as well as a journalist. However, it is interesting to note that she was at one point in time, a Vice President at Warner Brothers who was responsible for production happening on the East Coast. Recently, Braudy’s name has been in the news because she has spoken out about being sexually harassed by actor Michael Douglas in the 1980s.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Susan Braudy:

She Might Have Become a Writer Because Her Father Wanted to Become a Writer

In Braudy’s opinion, she might have been motivated to become a writer because her father wanted to become a writer. With that said, it is interesting to note that her father actually did do some writing of his own, seeing as how his Master’s thesis became the basis of a book called Technological Unemployment, which was about people were being replaced by new techniques and technologies.

She Has Written For a Wide Range of Publications

Regardless, Braudy has written for a wide range of publications over the course of her career. The examples range from Newsweek and The New York Times to Jezebel and Vanity Fair. Besides this, it should be noted that she has written a number of books as well.

She Refused to Sell a Piece to Playboy

At one point in time, Braudy was asked to write an article for Playboy about feminism. The result proved to be controversial with the male editors at the publication, so much so that Hugh Hefner had to make a final decision about it. Unfortunately, Hefner stated that he wanted the article to focus on what he considered to be a “highly irrational” and “emotional” phenomenon because in his opinion, feminism was against what Playboy was all about. Braudy was so upset about the response that she refused to sell the article to Playboy, though she went on to write about the unpleasant experience for other publications.

She Has Mentioned a Number of Figures As Mentors of a Sort

Over the course of her career, Braudy has mentioned a number of figures for being mentors of sorts. For example, she has mentioned Margaret Mead for showing her the potential of what a smart woman could accomplish on her own, which makes sense because Mead was one of the most influential cultural anthropologists of her time. Furthermore, Braudy has mentioned Gloria Steinem for encouraging her to speak out as a woman, which makes sense because Steinem was an icon of Second-Wave Feminism and remains influential to some extent in modern times as a lecturer, an organizer, and a spokeswoman.

She Has Accused Michael Douglas of Sexual Harassment

Braudy has accused actor Michael Douglas of sexual harassment that happened when she was working for his Stonebridge Productions in the 1980s. She stated that he would use crude and inappropriate language in front of her as well as about her when speaking with other people. Furthermore, there was an incident when Douglas fondled himself in front of her, which she didn’t report to the police at the time because she wasn’t aware that his harassment of her could be considered criminal in nature at the time. So far, Douglas has acknowledged his use of what he calls his “colorful language” but has denied the self-fondling incident. In fact, he spoke out on a preemptive basis before Braudy chose to speak out about what happened to her.

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