Louie 1.02 “Poker/Divorce” Review

The more I let the second episode of “Louie” stew, the more I liked it. I only laughed out loud during one or two scenes but that doesn’t mean that this episode wasn’t as brilliant as the first.

However, this episode opened on the unexpected: social commentary. Granted, that social commentary was punctuated with poop jokes, but it was thoughtful nonetheless. Louis and his friends and fellow comics, one of whom being openly gay, sit around a poker table and discuss the gay lifestyle and Louis’ liberal use of the F word and the word’s origins. This moment turned out to be very thoughtful but never stopped being funny.

The rest of the episode focuses on Louis’ new life as a 42-year-old single man. He reduces himself to flipping himself off in the mirror and stalking his former crush from 1980 on Facebook. Tammy is not how Louis remembers her. She’s now married with three kids, lives in a real pit of despair and has really let herself go. After an awkward, forced conversation, the two end up making out on her kitchen floor.

We then cut to Louis on stage doing material about having sex with animals. This well-placed cut provided the first belly laugh of the episode: right at the end.

In “Poker/Divorce,” the show continues to make a name for itself as the saddest comedy on television. The message that I take away from the show is something that I’ve always thought: sometimes life sucks but when it does, you just have to laugh at it.

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