10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lisa D’Amato

Lisa D’Amato is a name you might recognize if you are a big fan of Tyra Banks’ hit “America’s Next Top Model,” despite the fact it’s been many, many years since she was first a contestant on the show. She wanted to be a top model, and she wanted to make a name for herself in the business. She tried – hard – to win, and she had her fair share of moments that just did not seem like they would take her far. She didn’t win the first time, but she did win the second time. Just when the world thought she might make a name for herself and take her career to the top, she kind of fell off the radar of many. What has she been doing all these years, and who is she, really?

1. She’s in her 40s Now

She’s currently in her 40s, which means (historically speaking) that her modeling career is fizzling out. It is, as everyone knows, an industry for those who are young and in their prime. She was born on October 22, 1980, and she grew up in a time when the world was very different – shall we say so much better? – than it is now.

2. She’s a California Girl

She was born and raised in Los Angeles. She began her life living with her mother and her father, but their marriage ended when she was a child of only seven. Following their divorce, she lived with her mother. Her mother then became a single parent for the most part.

3. She’s Been A Model Most of Her Life

She was 12 when she began her modeling career. She knew she wanted to do this with her life, and she worked hard to make sure it happened. While she did not hit it big from the start, she did make a name for herself in 2005 when she was a contestant on the 5th cycle of “ANTM”. She was 25 at the time, which made her a bit older than most of the contestants on the show.

4. She Entered the Show as a Joke

According to D’Amato, her friends dared her to sign up for the show. They were all seriously in love with the show and wanted to see their model friend take part in the series to see if she could win. She did, and she was chosen as the 12th contestant out of 13. She didn’t win, but she did make it to the fifth-place spot that year.

5. She Was Not Entirely Well-Loved

She was perhaps the most controversial contestant of her first season because she didn’t hesitate to say exactly what was on her mind and what she was thinking. She told it like it was, she was a little loud, exceptionally abrasive, and she was not someone who kept her feelings on the inside. She was quick to point out that it’s best to hear the truth and make improvements in your life than to have people keep the truth from you and prevent you from growing and doing better.

6. She’s Married

In the time that she’s been living her life since her modeling show reality days, she’s also been busy with her personal life. She married her husband on September 30, 2012. His name is Adam Friedman. He’s an entrepreneur, and they are currently still married and have two sons.

7. She Had Her Second Son Publicly

When her first son was born two days before her first wedding anniversary, she was elated to become a mother. She didn’t say a word to anyone until she was five months along. When her second son was born, however, she decided to make it a public situation. She lived streamed the birth of Venice Sire Friedman on September 22, 2016, on her Facebook page.

8. She Accused Tyra Banks

In early 2021, she accused Tyra Banks of using the childhood abuse and trauma that D’Amato went through as a method of exploitation. She accused the former host of the show of using the sad and sordid pasts of many of the girls on the show in a way that made most of the girls uncomfortable, and she wanted the former supermodel to make it right.

9. She Feels Her Portrayal Caused her Work

D’Amato knows that the show painted her in a very unflattering light in some instances. It made her appear often erratic and over-the-top, and it also showed her peeing in a diaper she was wearing for a shoot. It was not always flattering, and she feels that the show’s editing and portrayal of her cost her many of the jobs she felt she might otherwise have secured as a model.

10. She Went to Rehab

It was reality show rehab, but she knew that her time on the show (more than once) painted her out to be someone with an alcohol abuse problem. She didn’t want to live her life like that, so she sought help to prevent herself from becoming an alcoholic and having an issue.

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