10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Risley

HGTV is always ahead of the game as it pertains to things like who is going to be the next hot young star of a new show that we all want to watch. “Call the Closer,” is one of those shows HGTV is making hot. It’s genius. People are tuning in, everyone wants to see it, and it continues to add to the network’s long list of constant hits. However, right now, it’s the star of the show who is the subject of all the conversations about it. Who is Lauren Risley, and what is she doing on television? What’s her story, and can we learn a bit more about her? Well, we can, and we have everything you wanted to know about her right here.

1. She is a Realtor

She’s not just a realtor, though. She has a whole team that is dedicated to helping her with her career. She’s the founder of the Lauren Risley Realty Team, and they do big things. They help their buyers find homes, they help them learn to renovate and do things the way that they need to be done, and they make big changes to homes that need it.

2. She is Based in St. Louis

For right now, she’s based out of St. Louis, but we always wonder when that might change. This is the first season of her show, but we all know that those things change quickly. She might end up being one of those hosts who goes through such a huge line of success that she moves, that she starts helping clients in other cities, and maybe she becomes international. We don’t know, but we can see it.

3. She is into Pizza

If you want to know something about the HGTV star that isn’t so commonly found on her biographies and on her show, it’s that she’s a pizza girl. Of course, we are all pizza girls so this should not come as a surprise. However, she is a pizza lover who does what she can to eat all the pizza and to be as laid-back and relatable as possible.

4. She Has the Same Favorite Childhood Movie as All of Us

When we were growing up, we all loved a certain childhood movie. Perhaps they changed with the season. “Hocus Pocus,” in October? “Home Alone,” in December? And “Adventures in Babysitting,” the rest of the year? We love it. Everyone loves it.

5. She is a Dog Person

She’s a dog lover, and that makes her even more amazing to the world. She has a dog of her own, and she’s someone who loves to be around dogs. Her dog is Gus, and he’s very into playing, hanging out, and eating. He’s basically all of us in a nutshell.

6. She is Very Private

Of course, while we hope she’s able to maintain her privacy and live a lovely life like she’s doing now, we have a feeling that being in the spotlight like this is going to change the game for her a bit. While we currently have no idea if she is married or dating or single or what, she is doing a wonderful job of keeping that from the public. She should continue to live her private life as privately as possible to maintain her own sense of peace and sanity.

7. She is a People Person

In her line of work, she has to be a people person. She works with people. However, if you ask her anything about herself, she’s going to tell you that she loves dogs more than she loves people. Some might judge her for that, but why? Dogs are amazing, and they’re always amazing. People, well, have you ever been to the grocery store? That should tell you all you need to know about people.

8. She’s Good at What She Does

Lauren Risley might just be showing the world her talent and her skills right now, but we can see already that she is good at what she does. Those who have worked with her in the past rave about her and her team, and she’s clearly got an eye for design and style as well as what could be.

9. Her CoWorkers Adore Her

She seems to surround herself with some wonderful people, and it shows in who she works with. She’s got a team of people who are wonderful and helpful, and they seem to love their job. If you have a great boss who is fun to work with and who respects and values her own team, it shows in the people that work for her.

10. She’s Going Places

This is a woman who is going places. She’s a woman who has a lot to offer, she has a lot of personality, and we have a feeling she’s about to get the world to fall for her. She’s going to be a star in more ways than just the real estate world.

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