10 Things You Didn’t Know about Julian Cihi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Julian Cihi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Julian Cihi

It’s not uncommon for stage actors to have less fame than movie stars. After all, it’s easier to show a movie or a television show in theaters across the world than it is to get the world into even the largest theater in any city. However, that doesn’t make stage actors and actresses any less talented than movie stars. In fact, there are many who believe that it’s a more difficult job. Performing live every single night of the week – sometimes twice – memorizing lines and having only one chance to get them right in front of a live audience is significantly more difficult than focusing on a role that is shot one scene at a time in front of a few people with as many chances as you need. While the debate is regularly up in the air, it’s important to focus on the talent who makes the stage work, and Julian Cihi is one of those exceptional talents. With that said, here is everything you need to know about the stage actor.

1. He is From Tokyo

Born and raised, he is from Tokyo, Japan. He spent a significant amount of time there on stage and learning to appreciate and love the arts more than he already did. He refined his skills and talents while he was here, but he didn’t spend his entire life living there. He did move to the United States when he was old enough.

2. He is on Television

We call him a stage actor because he is so famous for his stage roles, but he’s not just a Broadway type. He’s also been on television, and he can do it all. He’s been on Netflix, he’s been on HBO, and he’s been on USA, the CW, and he’s even been on Amazon Prime. It seems to us there is little he is not more than capable of doing.

3. He’s a College Grad

He may have been born and raised in Japan, but he was in the states for his college education. He attended courses at the prestigious Ivy League Brown University. When he obtained his bachelor’s degree there, he moved on to NYU to study acting and focus on his MFA.

4. He Believes Romance Comes in Different Manners

When he did an interview with Broadway World, he pointed out that he feels as if romance can come in many forms. He has a lot of male roommates, and each one is different. Each one has his own version of romance, and it’s allowed him to see things from a different light watching the way they each live their romantic lives.

5. He Likes Working with Americans

To be clear, he loves working with anyone who is good at what they do, but he loves to learn from the Americans because he’s from Tokyo. He grew up with a very different culture, and learning from his American coworkers has been very cool for him. He’s learned a lot from everyone who has a different culture, and that is so much the point of the world.

6. He’s Learned to Go with His Gut

One thing he’s been very good about over the years is learning to go with his gut. Sometimes, he isn’t sure what he wants to do or if he wants to take on a role, but he remembers that he should go with his gut instinct. It’s helped him tremendously over the years with his career and his personal choices.

7. His Dad is American

Some people wonder what made his family head to Japan before he was born, but it’s his mother. His mother is Japanese. His father, on the other hand, is from Connecticut (and New York). His father moved to Japan many years before he was born, and that’s where he met his wife, fell in love, and began their family.

8. He Knew He’d Go to the US for College

The school he went to in Tokyo was an international school. Most all the kids there did well in school, got great grades, and had their choice of colleges across the world. According to Cihi, most go to the states and go to a good school. So, it was something he kind of always knew he would do growing up. He’d move to the US, go to college, and go from there.

9. He’s Very Private

Something he is very good at doing is keeping his life private. He shares very little of what is going on in his personal life, and he keeps things to himself. He’s close to his family. He’s close to his friends, but he never shares too much about any of them.

10. He Didn’t Start as an Actor

In fact, he was in choir. It wasn’t until he was in school and they needed a guy to play a role in a play that he decided to go for it. From there, it was just sort of fate for the talented actor. He knew he loved it, and he stuck with it.

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