Anthony Tyler Quinn Finally Revealed Why He Was Removed from Boy Meets World

Anthony Tyler Quinn Finally Revealed Why He Was Removed from Boy Meets World
Anthony Tyler Quinn Finally Revealed Why He Was Removed from Boy Meets World

credit: Boy Meets World

It’s been years, but Anthony Tyler Quinn finally revealed why he was removed from Boy Meets World. It’s not exactly a grandiose reason, but it does make a lot of sense. Considering how many shows get changed mid-stream and how many cast members get cut now and again, Anthony’s case isn’t surprising. 

Fans of the show Boy Meets World didn’t expect the move. At the time, his character, Jonathan Turner, was popular enough that a lot of people weren’t ready to see him go. But after a few appearances in season 4, he was gone. That type of removal from a show isn’t unknown or unheard of, but it can happen. 

The Truth

It sounds as though Anthony was told that everything was good and that he’d be moving ahead with the show. But only months later he was informed that he was going to be cut from the show. That came as a blow to his emotions, but something else almost derailed his career moving forward.  

Apparently, Disney hadn’t let him off the hook from his contract yet. That’s kind of surprising, considering that they had no intention of bringing him back. But then again, it is interesting to think that they were keeping him around as a contingency character. That sounds kind of depressing since it means he couldn’t have found work with his contract still in place. 

Anthony Tyler Quinn Finally Revealed Why He Was Removed from Boy Meets World

credit: Boy Meets World

Axing characters after giving assurances isn’t uncommon

TV shows have had a habit of dumping characters now and then. Mr. Turner was a great character since he became a father figure at one point. The arc that he was on was great enough that he believed that he would have nothing to worry about. 

Of course, he also admitted to knowing that getting too comfortable as an actor isn’t a wise move. Not understanding how transitory the life of an actor can be is a mistake that several celebrities have made. But while Anthony knew about this, he was quick to make a move to secure another role. 

The idea that Disney didn’t terminate his contract kind right away is kind of odd, but things happen. It’s strange to think that they kept him around when they wanted to cut him from the show. 

Mr. Turner did show up again on Girl Meets World

Nostalgia usually ends up creating a need for old characters if they’re able to be found. Since Mr. Turner was simply cut from the show, it was easy enough to think that he could come back. The few episodes he came back for were no doubt appreciated since it was likely a treat for the fans. However, it wasn’t going to last since, well, it’s a nice look backward. 

Boy Meets World was one of the many shows that a lot of people remember growing up with. While it wasn’t universally loved by everyone, it was still a very popular show that allowed people to become invested in the characters. Girl Meets World did okay but was nowhere near as popular by comparison. 

Anthony Tyler Quinn Finally Revealed Why He Was Removed from Boy Meets World

credit: Girl Meets World

The upside is that Anthony did end up finding work

Despite his contract difficulties, Anthony did go on to take on other roles during his career. Getting out of a contract isn’t always the easiest thing in the industry. But a contract can be a good or a bad thing depending on the job. Some actors don’t mind signing on for so many seasons or episodes. Others find it interminable after a while. 

There are a lot of deciding factors when it comes to acting. If a person enjoys what they’re doing, then they’ll likely stick around for a while. It does sound as though Anthony enjoyed his time on Boy Meets World and was ready to stick around for a while longer. But that simply wasn’t the plan. Whatever the reason was that he was cut from the cast, the fans did move past it after a while. At some point, his character was fondly remembered even if he became less crucial. 

Every character on the show served their purpose and had to evolve or move on at some point. 

Boy Meets World went on without Anthony

The show lasted for a while, and one theory that explains Anthony’s absence is that he was no longer pertinent to the story. The kids were growing up and moving on to new parts of their lives that didn’t really need his character apparently. That doesn’t sound entirely accurate, but it’s the theory that’s been given. 

Overall, Anthony went on to have his own career outside of the show and did fairly well. A lot of fans might not even remember Anthony at this point. But those that do are likely glad to hear that there was a reason for his absence. 

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