What Would Megyn Kelly’s Career be Like Without Donald Trump?

While I personally think that millions of lives will suffer and are currently suffering because Donald Trump is the President, there are plenty of people out there who have benefited not only from him being President but also from the election.   Megan Kelly is the most recent name that comes to my mind.  Why?  Because she’s officially free from Fox News to pursue her career with NBC.

Fox News said last month that it had released the popular anchor from her contract early, but a spokeswoman for Kelly said at the time that she and Fox News were still negotiating the terms of her departure. Now, this person said, Kelly and Fox News have finalized her separation from the 21st Century Fox unit, leaving her able to appear on NBC programs as quickly as deemed suitable. Kelly’s contract had been slated to end in July.

No one’s commented yet but I’m going to make my comment.  While I highly doubt that Kelly is thanking Donald Trump I can’t help but to think if it weren’t for him, none of this would be happening in her career.   Don’t get me wrong.  Kelly is a hard nosed journalist who can spar with the best of them.  Her show was excellent and she’s as good as they come.  But would she get what will probably be a $10 million plus a year payday if not for her feud with Trump?

P.S. as I said before she’s not the only one profiting from Donald Trump right now.  Saturday Night Live has insane ratings as does Stephen Colbert.   Everyone else in the country?  Eh, that remains to be seen.  I just felt like pointing this out with regards to Megyn Kelly.  If Hillary Clinton were in office Kelly might very well be stranded at Fox News for another 5-10 years.  Just saying….

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