10 Things You Don’t Know About Adam Devine’s Wife

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Adam Devine is one of the most hilarious men in Hollywood. Born on November 7, 1983, he’s made a living for himself as a comedic actor. While he has starred in several shows and movies, he’s most famous for his role as Bumper Allen in the Pitch Perfect movies. We also loved him during his stint as the overly-enthusiastic male nanny in Modern Family. He’s talented like no one else, but it’s Adam Devine’s wife that has us wondering more. Who is she? We didn’t even know he was married until recently, and we want to know more about Adam Devine’s wife, Chloe Bridges.

1. Chloe Bridges Met Adam Devine in 2014

The 2014 movie, The Final Girls, brought this couple together. They both worked on it, and that’s where their love story began. Bridges and Devine did not start dating until 2015, but this was where they met while filming. It was a work story turned love story for them.

2. She Doesn’t Always Use Her Stage Name

She does go by Chloe Bridges when she’s at work, but that’s her stage name. She’s actually Chloe Suazo, and that is the name she used when she worked with Freddie Prinze Jr. on his hit sitcom, “Freddie,” in the mid-2000s. However, she now goes by her stage name in all of her work, and it suits her.

Credit: @adamdevine

3. She’s Younger Than her Husband

Chloe Bridges is eight years younger than her husband. She was born on December 27, 1991. She’s almost a Christmas baby, and it’s a big deal for her to celebrate her birthday along with the Christmas holiday and the New Year. It is a big and exciting time of year for her.

4. She Went to an Impressive College

When she finished high school, she didn’t wait to enroll in college. She was accepted into the prestigious Columbia University. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree while she was there. We know she was already acting at that point, so it is easy to assume she studied the arts. You’re wrong if you did assume that, though. She studied political science.

5. She Got Engaged in 2019

Adam Devine asked Chloe Bridges to be his wife four years after they began dating. Their relationship dates back to 2015, and their engagement occurred in 2019. He asked her to marry him in October. Their engagement was an exciting time in their life, and their fans were ecstatic when they made the announcement.

6. She Wed Her Husband in Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for many weddings, and this couple knew it. They got married on October 10, 2021, in Cabo. Their wedding planning was exciting and crazy, as it is for everyone, and they enjoyed it. They were planning during a pandemic, but they did it with excitement.

7. The One Thing Chloe Bridges Really Liked About Adam Devine When They Met

She liked that his backpack was monogrammed. She found it very adult-like, and she was into it. Though that is not the only thing she liked about him. She was excited about the way his bottom looked in the jeans he had on, and she appreciated the fact that he made her laugh. Imagine marrying a comedian who cannot make you laugh. The horror.

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8. She Didn’t Say Yes

When Adam Devine asked Chloe Bridges to be his wife, she did not say yes. She said, “Ahh, Adam” according to her new husband, but he felt like that was a pretty good indicator that yes was the answer. Considering they got married two years later, yes, we feel that she did mean yes.

9. Their First Meeting Was a Giant Misconception

We said they met while filming a movie in 2014, but that is not exactly how it happened. Adam Devine was on a plane when she began talking to him. He hadn’t actually read the script to see who was in the movie with him, so he didn’t know she was the costar he’d be working with. She did. He thought she was hitting on him – and he was not single at the time – and it was an awkward moment for him. Thankfully, it worked out in the long run.

10. Adam Devine Didn’t Make the Connection Until the Plane Landed

When he and his new friend got off the plane and went in the same direction, he was shocked when she got into the same car. They were sharing a car and a driver, and that’s when it donned on him that they were actually in the same movie together. She laughed it off and asked him what he thought the entire time she was talking to him.

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