10 Things You Didn’t Know about Elise Ivy

Just who is Elise Ivy? She’s a former QVC personality, she’s a blogger, she’s a lifestyle influencer, and she is so much more. She is making headlines for her recent departure from her QVC gig, and now her fans are wondering what happened. Did she make the choice to leave? Was she asked to leave? What will she do now? She’s someone who has a lot of choices to make in the future, but for now, we thought we might get to know the lifestyle brand guru a little better.

1. She is a Girl’s Girl

Elise Ivy is nothing if not a girly girl. She is into all things girly. From love to fashion to dreaming to everything in between, she is into it, and she is excited about it. Her life is all about seeking the best of the best. She wants the things that mean the most to her. She wants to succeed, and she wants to see the world succeed alongside her.

2. She is Driven

If you ask her to describe herself, as she does on her personal blog, she’s going to tell you a few things. The most important thing you’ll learn about Ivy is that she is a Type A personality, and she’s a classic overachiever. She’s not doing anything halfway. She’s all the way, then a little bit more just for good measure. Trust me, I relate to that one thoroughly.

3. She is In Love with Life

Life is something to be loved and lived and well-received, and she’s doing a stellar job of that. She loves life. She loves what she’s been able to accomplish, what she’s been able to do, and how she’s been able to live her life thus far. She’s making big things happen while also evolving as she feels necessary. It’s a process, but it’s one she is quite good at taking on.

4. She Worked on a Cruise Ship

Something we did not know about Elise Ivy is that she spent nearly three years of her life on a cruise ship working as a hostess. She had a smile on her face all the time. She made dreams come true for cruise vacationers, and she got to see little slivers of the world in the meantime. She seems like she’d make an excellent cruise ship hostess, doesn’t she?

5. She is Moving On

She’s spent nearly seven years of her life working on the QVC channel as a host of a program, and her time to end that job has come. She’s moving on to other things since her first day on the air way back when. It’s a job she loved when she had it, but it was time for her to make bigger moves in her life.

6. She Was an Instructor

Before she hit it big doing what she loved to do, she worked hard on other avenues of her life. She was a pilates instructor and she worked as a personal trainer. It’s very obvious that things like taking care of herself from the inside out have always been important to the former QVC queen.

7. She is Newly Engaged

She made the announcement recently on her Instagram page, and it’s a big one. She has not yet shared the identity of the man in her life, but she is making things clear for her fans. She is engaged, and she is taking that seriously. She’s blogged about it, and she is in full-on wedding planning mode.

8. She is Renovating a House

She is making big changes in her life, and renovating a new home is one of them. She bought a house on a canal, and she is making it her own. She is making Florida living her thing, and she’s doing it well. She’s excited to have a home on a canal, to be able to watch the sunset over the water each evening, and she is clearly living her dream.

9. She is in Her 40s

Elise Ivy is a woman in her 40s – newly in her 40s. She celebrated her birthday on April 19, and she will turn 41 in 2022. She looks amazing, she’s doing big things, and we have a feeling that whatever is coming next is going to be huge for her.

10. She’s Living a Private Public Life

She has a very public life via her blog and her social media, but she also has a lot of respect for her loved ones. She is someone who loves her family and her friends, but she also respects their privacy. She covers her fiance’s face in every photo she shares of them, and she doesn’t share his name or any personal details about his life, either. She’s good about being as private

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