10 Things You Didn’t Know about Derek Frazier

The kids of famous people sometimes grow up and go into a different line of work than their families. Of course, some of them take the same road with a slightly different path. Famed boxer Joe Frazier’s son Derek Frazier is doing just that. He’s not following along in his father’s footsteps in the boxing ring, but he is making his reality television debut by becoming a cast member on “Big Brother 23,” and people recognize his name. Who is he, though? We have everything you need to know about the son of a famous boxer right here.

1. He is a Safety Officer

When he is not taking part in reality television shows, he works as a safety officer. His job is to ensure the safety and well-being of those in his care, and he is quite good at doing just that. He’s a man who has a lot to offer in terms of being good at his day job, but reality television might send him on another path.

2. He is in His 20s

He’s a big, imposing guy, but he is still so young. Derek Frazier is only 29. He will celebrate his 30th birthday before he knows it, but he’s still so young, and he’s ready to take his life in his own hands and see what all he can make happen for himself.

3. He Did Box

This might not be his first official reality television show, but his first role on television wasn’t as widely popular or watched on television like this one. He did take part in a boxing fight on MTV one time, but that was way back in 2013 and it did not draw nearly as many viewers as his new reality show will draw.

4. He’s TikTok Famous

Derek Frazier went viral in 2020. He uploaded a video of himself telling the world that he can drink champagne and not get drunk. He was, of course, incorrect. The video goes on to show him clearly imbibing in a bit too much champagne before ending up singing and dancing while clearly under the influence of alcohol.

5. He is Strong

We know he’s strong because he does work out, and he’s good at it. He is a man who can bench nearly 315 pounds, and he can deadlift 500 pounds. Of course, he is also the son of a famous boxer and he works out in his dad’s gym. We’d be more shocked if we found out he could not lift a lot of weight.

6. He is His Dad’s Youngest Son

He is the baby of the family, and that is something that he might not take lightly. However, he might not be a traditional baby since there are so many kids in his family. There are 11 kids, but they don’t all live together. His father had 11 children, but he had them with six different women. We don’t even know if he is close to all of his siblings.

7. He’s the Only Child His Dad Was Really Around to Raise

While his 10 siblings had their dad involved in their lives, he was a boxer. He was busy training and being famous and being in the ring. He was not home often, and he was not always able to focus on raising his kids. Derek, however, was a man who got to see his father a lot more because he was done boxing and spending time at home with the family during his childhood.

8. He Appreciates the Lessons His Father Taught

He speaks very highly of his father as a father. Joe Frazier taught Derek and his siblings to be respectful, to be wise, to treat people well, and to always be humble. When your adult children can look back at what they taught you and do so with happiness and respect, it shows that you are doing well in life – and as a father.

9. He Leads a Quiet Life

Derek Frazier doesn’t live a loud and boisterous life. He leads a very quiet life in which he is able to focus on things that are good and well, and he is also someone who is going to do what he can to ensure he is able to maintain some of his privacy. Growing up with a famous dad does teach some valuable lessons.

10. He Wasn’t Able to See His Father Before His Death

When his dad died of liver cancer in 2011, he didn’t get to see him prior  to his death to say goodbye. He doesn’t speak of it often, but it’s been said that he was in the middle of a dispute with his siblings and was unable to see his dad. He still doesn’t even know if his dad really died of liver cancer because no one will share any details with him.

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