The Five Best Gwyneth Paltrow Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Gwyneth Paltrow Movies of Her Career

To call Gwyneth Paltrow a megastar seems pretty close to what she actually is since she’s been the recipient of so many awards and acclaim that you can’t help but think that she’s reached the point in her career where she can’t take it much higher. The films she’s been in, from the worst to the best, have featured some of the best acting she’s got to give and the stories have been those that she’s able to help move forward or propel forward on her own. It’s been stated that she’s hard to work with and hard to be around and a lot of people might justify this with the fact that she is a professional and simply has her own ways. However you look at it her talent is on the level that kind of puts her in a class all her own and in some ways might actually justify her quirks, though it’s safe to say that how people deal with her on and off set is kind of a personal thing.

Here are some of the best movies from her career.

5. Shallow Hal

Hal was a guy that was looking for his dream girl but was aiming a bit high or a bit low depending on the kind of woman that he was really going for since he often seemed to go for women that wanted nothing to do with him or were so shallow that his appearance repulsed them. Of course he was just as shallow and didn’t think that anyone plus-sized was for him. When he was hypnotized by Tony Robbins however he was able to see the beautiful people within and ignored what was on the outside. It’d be interesting if such a trick could ever work but chances are the human brain has enough fail safe mechanisms to stop it from happening.

4. Country Strong

In this film she plays an aging country star that’s been in rehab for a while and is nowhere near ready to come out but has to do something to revive her career or lose it altogether. The only thing is that the moment she comes out she starts taking up her old habits again and making a mess of things. To add to this stress there’s the fact that a new singer has emerged on the scene and is a possible threat to her legacy despite the fact that her husband and manager want this woman to open for her. By the end of the film she gets to go out on a triumphant note, but it’s still a sad scene since she’s done and gone by the time the credits roll.

3. Iron Man

You might not envy Pepper Pots and it’d be a wise thing to avoid since she has to deal with a lot when it comes to her boss Tony Stark. He’s not the easiest man to work for or the nicest person in the world since his superior intellect and playboy lifestyle have made him kind of arrogant and hard to deal with. But when he gets captured and saves himself by using his various skills to create a suit of armor he has a new lease on life and a new mission, to help those that his technology has harmed. And unfortunately for Pepper this means that she has to put up with a whole new level of crazy from her boss.

2. The Talented Mr. Ripley

Marge is willing to trust Tom at first and it’s probably the worst thing that could happen since he was initially sent to Italy to convince Dickie, the son of a wealthy shipbuilder, to come home. What happens instead is that he ends up becoming enamored of Dickie and wanting to live his life. Even when everything seems about to crash down on Tom he manages to escape suspicion by making it seem as though Dickie killed his friend Freddie and then committed suicide. Free and clear and with Dickie’s trust fund in hand Tom makes his getaway, only to realize that he’ll have to keep lying for the rest of his life to remain free to do as he pleases.

1. Se7en

Her role in this film was interesting since she started out as a supporting character and became a plot device later on to add a brutal twist to the ending of the movie. There is an alternate version of this film that actually shows what was in the box, but since John Doe went ahead and said it you don’t really need to see it unless you need the image. It was one of the most tragic and brutal endings a movie has ever received and it likely made a lot of people sympathize with Detective Mills when he emptied his clip into Doe without hesitation.

Whether the main character or not her presence in any film is immediately felt.

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