Let’s Talk About Steve Guttenberg in the Movie Don’t Tell her It’s Me

Let’s Talk About Steve Guttenberg in the Movie Don’t Tell her It’s Me

Let’s Talk About Steve Guttenberg in the Movie Don’t Tell her It’s Me

Maybe it’s the bike, maybe it’s his name, or maybe it’s because he just seems like such a bad boy. In any case Lobo Marunga can seem to do what Gus Kubicek can’t which is get the girl. In the film Don’t Tell Her It’s Me we get to see the ultimate transformation of an overweight zero that couldn’t possibly get the girl into a hog-riding biker that could possibly have any woman he wants. So what is it that makes Lobo seem so attractive to Emily?

It seems like the bad boys usually get their pick of the girls, why is that?

They have confidence.

The average bad boy might be a bundle of loosely-connected nerves inside, but on the outside they’re nothing but cool. They exude a sort of confidence that the average man strives for and can’t seem to find most times. A lot of times they know what they want to do while other guys will sit and wonder what they can do. Bad boys don’t generally worry about consequences unless they know something isn’t worth the trouble it would bring. They simply do things and let other people know that they’re not worried about what they think. That’s confidence, and it’s usually a very big part of attraction.

The bad boy image drives the women wild.

This might sound so completely wrong, but women lock onto the bad boy image because they get excited by it, or are eager to be the one that can change the man into their ideal mate. It’s not always the idea that they’re rebels and can do what they want when they want. A lot of times it’s akin to taming a wild horse without breaking their spirit. Women will want to see if they can save this lost soul or otherwise tame the savage spirit that men are thought to have and offer them something that will allow them to settle down and become a reasonable member of society. In other words, they want to change the man, and that’s why a rebel is so attractive. Yes it sounds horrible, but thankfully not all women want to do this. Some just want to have fun while it lasts.

A transformation like this can change a person’s outlook on life.

Look at Gus before the switch. He was overweight, miserable, and lonely. Once he changed into Lobo he became something that he’d only ever imagined. When he lost the weight and changed his look he became a ladies man that could do no wrong, and it definitely showed him a different life than anything he’d known before. Yet for all that his love for Emily didn’t change him into a different person, it just gave him a different perspective and therefore made him realize what he really wanted. He became a different man just to stay the same, which is ironic really, but he also had to become a different person to realize just what really mattered to him.

This film has been lost in the dust bunnies for a while but it’s still a gem worth watching. Give it a look sometime and see what you think.


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