Nicolas Cage Searches for His Hog in “Pig” Trailer

Nicolas Cage Searches for His Hog in “Pig” Trailer

It’s very easy to think about how this movie is going to be the subject of a great deal of scrutiny, especially since over the years the career of Nicolas Cage has been receiving either praise or ridicule depending on who one is speaking to. This story, this moment in his career, is going to be another moment in which people will fall on one side of the dividing line or another, and it’s fair to say that there might be a few people saying that Cage might be finished, while others might state that he’s attempting a comeback that might see him reach for the top again in a very provocative manner. Pig is undeniably a movie that is going to make a mark in his career, but what kind of mark that might be is anyone’s guess at this time since in some ways the trailer does make sense by telling a story that might be able to reach out and grasp people in a certain way. But there’s also the idea that it might inspire some people to dig into their repertoire of critical comments and proceed to remind people why Cage isn’t seen all that often anymore.

The story behind, or what people should hopefully be able to get at least, is that of an individual that lives out in the wilderness, has a pretty simple life with his home and his truffle-hunting pig, and doesn’t worry about much of anything that doesn’t concern him. Then, for one reason or another, he’s attacked one day, left to bleed on his own floor, and his pig is taken. Why this has happened is hard to say but considering what truffles can go for to the right people, a pig that can hunt truffles might become a reason to attack someone and leave them without any clue of what’s happened. What does apparently happen is that the man who was attacked goes searching for his pig in the only location he can think of, that being the place that he left some time ago for his own personal reasons.

It becomes apparent that Cage’s character was a chef at one point in his life and he gave his life over to his profession, which isn’t hard to imagine at all since many top chefs fall into their work and become obsessed with status since it is a high-dollar industry for those that want to be the absolute best. But apparently what he finds are those that remember him and either want nothing to do with him or are bound to give him cryptic answers to his questions. In the process, asking around only appears to get him into more trouble as he continues to seek out his pig. The trailer makes it becomes kind of obvious that the pig is more than just a piece of property to him since from certain points in the trailer it becomes apparent that the animal is a companion and friend as well. Living out in the wild it’s very easy to think that this would happen since humans, no matter how far away from civilization they go, are social creatures, and at some point, animals can be the best companions since they’re often easier to get along with than other humans.

The movie does feel like another version of John Wick really since the taking of his pig does set the former chef on a course to find out who had the audacity to take his companion, who was likely his connection to the world that he’d accepted since he’d obviously stepped away from the world he once knew. When an animal becomes a part of someone’s purpose in that way it’s easy to think that removing that purpose is going to prompt a response that might end up causing the individual to become a little violent or at the very least, persistent and incapable of being moved from their path. Right now it’s kind of difficult to say how violent this character might get, or if he’ll take that approach, to begin with, but it’s fair to think that something might happen in his quest to get his porcine companion back.

Nicolas Cage’s career has taken some serious twists and turns over the years and his need to keep working has kept him churning out one movie after another, sometimes straight to video and other times to one streaming network or another. But to be fair it does get him noticed and it does keep him moving forward. One of these times it’s bound to happen that one or more of these movies will get him back into the big-time, and this one might actually be it. Pig might sound like an odd and even silly movie, but the trailer makes it look pretty serious.

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