Please Don’t Make The Matrix 5

Please Don’t Make The Matrix 5

It sounds as though Warner Bros. is all-in when it comes to giving Lana Wachowski a free run at another Matrix movie. If what’s being said is accurate, part 4 was meant to reboot The Matrix movies, which means that if the movie does well, it could happen that Lana might decide to go for and offer up a complete reboot of the trilogy, no doubt re-enacting much of the story while trying to keep it dynamic enough to keep the fans entertained. The only problem with this is the idea of how many angles truly exist in this franchise to keep bringing it back since honestly, no matter how great people think the rest of the first trilogy was, The Matrix could have stopped with one movie and it would have been just as memorable. But that wasn’t the case then and it’s not likely to be the case now since plenty of folks are likely going to think this is a great idea, which to be honest, they’re not entirely wrong. But killing an idea slowly is still killing it since eventually it does feel as though things are going to keep repeating at some point. 

One has to wonder how long it would be until Keanu Reeves would be replaced as Neo, and even if the answer is never there’s still an issue since at some point, depending on the length of time between movies, the guy is going to start to age out of the role. Worrying about that kind of thing almost feels silly, but the fact is that it does appear that it might not be the wisest course of action. But then again, it’s all on Lana Wachowski’s shoulders so the rest of us are bound to sit and watch and see what she comes up with. That’s kind of how it went with the first trilogy since the fact that there was a second one coming out was a bit of a surprise to a lot of people given that while the internet was still a thing back then, it wasn’t anywhere near to what it is now. 

The addition of several actors that are new to the movies might make this upcoming movie a bit more exciting since trying to anticipate characters that haven’t been seen in a different form is bound to be kind of intriguing, though it’s still a question as to what’s going to happen to differentiate this movie from the others and how it will pan out. One of the big hopes is that we’re not being given all of the best action in the trailer, since such a thing has happened in the past and it’s been kind of disappointing to see once the movie is released. Saying such a thing will happen doesn’t feel like it could possibly be accurate since every Matrix movie thus far has been able to light up the screen in such a big way, despite any opinions to the contrary. It’s very possible this next movie will be every bit as great as the first, and it’s definitely possible that people will be buzzing about the possibility of a sequel all the way into 2022 considering that the movie comes out on HBO Max on December 22nd. 

That’s going to be different obviously since The Matrix was great in part since in the theater the experience was a little more powerful, as it is with many movies. It’s kind of an odd decision to put a movie that comes from a story of this caliber on streaming, even though it is kind of nice since those that can’t afford to go to the theater could possibly watch this movie if they decide to sign up and get a free trial membership. That’s what a lot of folks have been doing ever since streaming became a big thing since taking the trial membership and watching as much as you want for the 7 days or more, depending on the streaming site, is kind of nice since its quality entertainment for practically nothing. But it does make a person wonder why a Matrix movie would be shown on streaming as well as in the theater. Obviously there’s a reason, but unless one understands the intricacy of the box office and streaming channels and how everything works when it comes to cost and profit, it simply becomes a headache to think about it. 

The hope that there isn’t a Matrix 5 is genuine though since it feels that even if the fourth movie is awesome and capable of bringing back a sequel, it’s bound to be something of a disappointment simply due to the idea that the second and third Matrix movies started to head downhill in terms of quality and the overreaching exposition that just didn’t appear to end. 

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