Let’s Talk About the 65 Trailer

Let’s Talk About the 65 Trailer
Let’s Talk About the 65 Trailer

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Dinosaur movies have been around long enough that it can easily be stated that they’re a necessary part of cinema. These movies range from the most ridiculous ideas ever conceived to some of the greatest movies ever made, but combining prehistoric lizards with science fiction is not overdone yet. In the upcoming movie 65, it’s easy to wonder if such a thing will happen, given that slamming certain movie elements together sometimes provides a rather odd look into both genres. It might not be a good mix, it might not perform the way people want, and depending on the acting skills of those who are a part of the movie, it might not work in any capacity. But there is one saving grace at the moment Adam Driver will be leading this dark and somewhat ominous story, which means that the dialogue might work; the overall story could work in ways that aren’t easily perceived now. It’s tough to know how to feel about this trailer at the moment, but in all honesty, it’s best to reserve judgment and focus instead on speculation driven by the different elements that can be seen in the trailer. 

The trailer comes off as something between Pitch Black and the Mark Wahlberg-led Planet of the Apes movie

There’s no criticism in saying that the movie incorporates elements seen in other pictures since the whole idea of crash-landing on a strange planet isn’t new, but carrying passengers during a trip into deep space and being struck by a stray asteroid is familiar. Apart from that, the crash landing that brings the Driver and his passengers to a strange planet that is hospitable but not recognizable does bring up images of Planet of the Apes in an exciting way. But once the dinosaurs start showing up, it becomes its movie, or so it would appear as of now since there are a few moments within the trailer that feel as though they were taken from other movies and given a new look, such as the waterfall scene that occurs near the end of the trailer. 

It’s tough not to like Adam Driver, so perhaps this movie will gain an advantage from his presence

Some actors can elevate many movies, and Adam Driver has been one of them since he hit his stride. If this movie doesn’t have any other redeeming qualities, it feels like he might be the bright spot to which people will pay attention. At the moment, it does feel as though the dinosaurs will be an exciting element, but hearing that the creatures will be used less than people might expect is intriguing since it does feel as though this might build the tension since the use of the creatures heightens or lessens the horror that the audience might feel. Sometimes using the monster sparingly in a horror movie can produce more significant results. Still, it appears that the dinosaurs will be used just enough to ensure the danger is felt and to show that the protagonist is in genuine danger. The difference between a prowling and a predatory creature can create a very different effect in a movie. 

Let’s Talk About the 65 Trailer

credit: 65

Hopefully, there will be an explanation of the time travel that sends the crew back to the past

This is a crucial point to note in the trailer since understanding how such a thing might happen will undoubtedly be crucial to the movie and the audience’s enjoyment. Regarding time travel, it’s straightforward to get bogged down in details. Still, if a movie finds a way to explain this phenomenon, it can open up the story in a big way that captivates the moviegoers and allows them to worry about the nitpicking details later. The success of a movie that deals with time travel often comes from the box office ticket sales, like any other movie, and the continued ability of the audience to believe in the movie once it’s reached streaming, DVD, or TV. 

The premise is interesting, to be honest. 

Time travel and dinosaurs are two popular ideas that never appear completely out of style, even when they get overused now and then. But putting these two elements together in a way that pits humanity and dinosaurs together once again can be used to intrigue quite a few people since it once again asks how the two would interact. Granted, the popular idea is that the dinosaurs would see humans as another food source, but it is interesting to think that the giant lizards would also see humans as odd. 

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