Legends of Tomorrow: Al Capone’s Chicago. Captain Cold Returns

Legends of Tomorrow

Time is not something that you can alter. One cannot change it according to one’s desires. If it was, it will not only affect their life but the lives of countless others. On tonight’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, time is not the only thing that will change.

The hour began with Nate and Ray sparring in the cargo bay. Sara then came in and stopped them from fighting in the house as it were. It’s like Nate and Ray are teenage boys, and Sara is either their older sister or their mother. It’s highly amusing nevertheless.

Meanwhile, the team heads to 1927 Chicago to stop an aberration. There, they meet Special Agent Ness, who exposed Al Capone (who is apparently the mayor of Chicago) for tax evasion. Unbeknownst to Team Legends, the entire thing with Agent Ness is a setup by Damien Darhk and Eobard Thawne. Oh, and the latter is teamed up with Capone. Yeah, it’s Legion of Doom time, people!

Speaking of setups, Team Doom (or whatever you want to call them) made Team Legends fall for their trap once again. The former kidnapped Sara and Professor Stein, to which the rest of the team rescued, only to find out moments later in the episode that Eobard disguised himself as Professor Stein to get onboard the Waverider and get his hands on the amulet. I knew something was off when fake Stein didn’t remember Jefferson’s nickname for him right away. Shame Sara had to trade the amulet for the real Professor Stein, but she had no choice.

The good professor also confessed to Sara about Lily. To say that the new captain is shocked is an understatement. Sara lectured Stein about messing with time and causing aberrations. That and throwing the whole “not killing Damien Darhk to save Laurel” thing in his face. It would be interesting to see the look on Sara’s face when she finds out that Laurel is alive. Then again, it could very well be something that those Dominators caused or something that the Legion of Doom did to rewrite reality.

The shock factor of this mid-season finale is none other than the return of Captain Cold. I have heard that he might be joining forces with the newly formed Legion of Doom. Though from what I have seen in this episode, it might just be a figment of Mick’s imagination. I also applaud Mick for not giving in to Captain Cold’s “advice” to leave Team Legends. The latter’s comment about listening to the Devil made me chuckle. Sure, drag Lucifer into this now why don’t you?

Another chuckle-worthy moment was when Mick and Amaya took out the two drivers who were supposed to get to the warehouse where Capone was. The fact that he wanted to leave Nate and Ray behind while they’re standing right beside the car is hilarious. At least there were no hard feelings afterwards.

Circling back to shock factors for a moment, I can’t believe that Captain Rip Hunter is working as a movie director in Los Angeles! That and he’s making the film about himself! I do have to give Arthur Darvill credit for his American accent. However, I think we need to do something about that mullet of his. He looked better before. Wonder if he will return to his duties as captain anytime soon? If so, how will he able to explain his absence and why he is working as a director in L.A. of all places?

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 8 Review: "The Chicago Way"


Team Legends head to 1927 Chicago and comes face to face with Al Capone in tonight’s mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow. A familiar face returns. Will he side with good or evil?

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