What We Know about KonoSuba Season 3 So Far

Will KonoSuba ever get a third season? It just so happens that there was some recent news about this particular Japanese anime series based on the manga that carries the same name. Fortunately, this is the news that a lot of fans have been waiting for, and they couldn’t be more excited.

About the Show

There is a lot that can be done with Japanese anime, and the end result is typically a story that can go almost anywhere in order to hold the interest of the viewer. That said, the overwhelming majority of Japanese anime television series closely follow the manga on which they are based. This is the formula that most of them follow because it has been found to be quite successful in the past. This particular project is no different. The plot is really quite an interesting one. It revolves around a young boy who meets an untimely death. When it happens, he is transported to what amounts to a video game realm of existence where he essentially becomes a character inside his own video game. In that particular universe, he goes on all kinds of adventures, meeting new people and making friends, not to mention getting into a bit of trouble along the way. So far, they’ve done two seasons with the show, in addition to a separate movie based on the same material that was done as a follow-up.

Get Ready, Fans

Earlier this week, the Twitter page associated with the studio that is responsible for this particular series released something of a teaser on the 18th of July. The teaser essentially confirmed that a new project associated with the series will be forthcoming. What they didn’t confirm was whether or not this is specifically the third season of the series itself. A lot of fans have become very excited with the belief that it must be information related to season 3, but the truth is, it could be another movie or yet a separate spin-off that has yet to be introduced. What is known is that there is definite confirmation that something will be happening relating to this project in one way or another. That’s a lot more than some of the other studios have been willing to give their fans, so it’s something that the fans of this particular series are grasping hold of and holding onto with all their might.

Interest on the Part of the Studio

Another thing that really sets this particular project off from so many others of its type is that people who have been directly involved with it have publicly voiced their desire to continue with a third season at some point. That alone is more than a lot of studios have done, as the overwhelming trend as of late has been for studios to simply not comment on their projects at all, often leaving fans completely in the dark. This has become a genuine problem where Japanese anime is concerned. Often, studios will release something and then not say anything further about it at all for three or even four years. Sometimes, another project seems to drop out of the blue and at other times, the projects are forgotten entirely, left to fall into obscurity. At least in this particular case, people working for the studio responsible for its creation have openly said that they enjoyed working on the project. They want it to continue almost as badly as the fans do.

Additional Material

Another thing that this project has going for it is the fact that additional source material is almost constantly being developed. Right now, there are 13 different volumes that have been published in Japan, meaning that there is still a lot of material that hasn’t even been touched as far as the series goes. That can be a very important indicator of whether or not a studio will decide to go ahead with another season. It all goes back to the desire to closely base the anime on the manga from which it was sourced, as previously discussed. It also means that when the source material is in relatively short supply, it’s not nearly as likely for another season to get the go-ahead. Fortunately, that isn’t the case here. When you consider the fact that there is plenty of source material to go around, coupled with the fact that this particular series genuinely reached a global popularity, there is no reason to believe that a third season won’t eventually happen.

Moving Forward

Even if the new project announcement isn’t in direct regard to a third season, it’s obvious that the studio is continuing to develop the project by moving forward with it in some manner. If it’s not the third season of the show, perhaps it is setting something up for that to occur later on down the road. While it seems likely that they would indeed be talking about season three, there are an infinite number of possibilities that they could be discussing in reality. However, all of those possibilities are related to the original project. Therefore, it’s highly likely that fans will ultimately be pleased, even if the project ends up being something other than a third season of the series itself.

Fortunately, fans of this particular series have a great deal to look forward to in the future, even if they don’t know exactly what that is just yet. They know that something is coming and that those involved with the project on a first-hand basis also love it and want it to continue. There is a growing fan base tied to the original source material and there are new volumes being published on a fairly regular basis. All of this points to the development of a third season, whether that is the next project or something that comes later down the line.

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