Wholesome Comedy Animes You Should Watch In 2022

wholesome comedy animes

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It’s great to enjoy Shonen and super-powered animes, but that’s not all there is to the anime fandom. Animes have different genres, and there is more to enjoy with the old and new animes. One genre is a comedy, which gives a different feel to super-powered animes like Naruto and Akame ga Kill. Depending on the anime plot, it focuses on making you laugh while enjoying the slice-of-life feeling. Let’s check out a list of wholesome comedy animes you should consider watching with friends and family in 2022.

Top Wholesome Comedy Animes

Please Take My Brother Away

wholesome comedy animes

Credits: Please Take My Brother Away

The first anime on this list is “Please Take My Brother Away,” which features the daily life of two siblings. They usually live with the older brother trying to look cool and the little sister who learned martial arts by accident. It also involves their connection with the school and their friends, who affect the entire story. Follow Shi Fen and Shi Miao along with their friends and the situations they encounter throughout the anime. Try not to laugh too hard when you see Shi Miao beating up her elder brother at every chance she gets.

The Way Of The Househusband

wholesome comedy animes

Credits: The Way of the Househusband

If you have ever wondered what the way of the househusband is, then you are in luck with this anime. However, the comedic part comes when you discover that the househusband is a retired yakuza prodigy. Tatsu tries to keep the home in order while his wife works, but he keeps scaring everyone unintentionally. His yakuza aura leaks out due to habit despite trying to seem like an average person making it fun to watch. It’s a wholesome anime you can find on Netflix, having two seasons with 5 episodes each to keep you entertained.

Sakamoto Desu Ka?

wholesome comedy animes

Credits: Sakamoto Desu Ka?

Have you ever wanted to be so cool and perfect without having any loose ends to your character? Well, that’s the life of Sakamoto, a top, prim and proper student in high school, living a classy life. The comedy comes with how he affects everyone around him with his unexpected response to every situation, throwing them off. It gets funnier when his bullies start to worship him after a particular incident that scares them. However, it doesn’t make the anime serious since its sole basis is high school comedy to reveal your smiles.


Here is a member of the wholesome comedy animes list that many anime fans rank pretty high compared to others. The major reason is that it features parodies and references other mainstream animes without changing the original anime plot. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see references to Dragon ball, Naruto, One Piece, and other mainstream animes you know. Another great thing about this comedy anime is its action-packed episodes existing while retaining the comedic feel that it has. Ride on the wholesome comedy wave with Gintama as you enjoy action and comedy in a single anime franchise.

Scissor Seven

Credits: Scissor Seven

Losing your memory and becoming a barber as you try to save some money is the story of seven. He lives with a bird who rescued him but later discovers this past as a feared member of an assassin group. It gets funnier when a lady he gets interested in holds connections with his previous master and group. The third season gets serious, but its comedic peak lies in the first and second seasons, where he makes a living. Follow seven and his daily adventures with his barbing job and the struggle with the three main settlements in the city. 

Kaguya Sama

“The first to fall in love loses” is the story of the two top student council members in Kaguya Sama. Battling against love makes this anime entirely about the four members of the student council with some side characters. The president and his vice fight emotions as they work to win the battle against love-related situations. However, the comedic feel isn’t restricted to them alone, as Ichika Fujiwara and Ishigami also heightened the comedy. Kaguya Sama gives off more comedy with fewer characters and hasn’t lost its touch even in its third season.


Explosion! It’s the word that makes everyone who loves comedy jump for joy with the voice of Megumin alone. The anime features a lazy main character who dies and reincarnates to another world where he is supposed to be a hero. It gets funny when the main character picks the goddess in charge of reincarnation as one of his collectibles. However, he still makes watchers laugh with his lackluster attitude despite having a party with different ladies and ability types. Watch out for their unique traits with the masochist called darkness, the one-time-only attacker called Megumi, and others.

Jashin Chan Dropkick

Jashin Chan Dropkick

Credits: Jashin Chan Dropkick

Your laughter will know no bounds as Jashin Chan creates chaos by trying to kill Yurine throughout the anime series. Yurine is a magician with the ability to summon a devil. Still, she summons Jashin, who wants to kill her and return. However, the fun starts right from when you discover that every plan Jashin makes fails. You will also love her character as she spites, trolls, and bullies the other characters close to them. Yurine also seems unfazed by death flags set on her by Jashin and always punishes her after every attempt. 

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki

Lastly, on the list of wholesome comedy animes, you should watch in 2022 is the disastrous life of Saiki. Saiki is a character with maximum psychokinetic powers who reduces his powers consistently to live on earth. However, the story revolves around how this overpowered character lives daily with his parents and school. He is a character who could go shopping from birth and do other supernatural things with his parent’s knowledge. Watch how he lives while matching the reality of the current world without revealing his real powers.

Is Comedy Animes Worth Your Time?

Laughter is the best medicine, and there is no better way to laugh loud than comedy. Wholesome comedy animes usually have no intense plot but give you multiple scenes that make you laugh your heart out. It’s mostly a slice of life and takes you around the daily life of certain characters to the little details. Ensure you enjoy the animes in this list and friends to increase the comedy effect. You can also create a Crunchyroll account and check for more recommendations to your watch history to get more anime.

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