Open World RPG Games Every Anime Fan Should Play


Credits: Devil May Cry

True gamers love a challenge, and the urge increases if you double up as an anime fan who loves RPG. Role-playing games let you become the main character and complete quests from a slightly immersive viewpoint, like in animes. It gets better since modern RPG games are open world allowing you to explore with more character control. You get to build your character and grow as you go, but what games give you the excitement you search for? Let us check out some open-world RPG games you should consider playing as a gamer and anime fan.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Credits: Sekiro

The first on this list is Sekiro, ranked as the most challenging game of 2019 and riled up several gamers. It attracted many anime fans who came across it since it had a Japanese samurai setting like the medieval Japan era. Sekiro game lets you play as a lone, one-armed shinobi who survives death and journeys toward protection and redemption. You get access to side quests and build your character by equipping new weapons and gaining special techniques. Your urge to explore the world as the unique and sole main character in first-person view matches well with Sekiro. 

Genshin Impact


Credits: Genshin Impact

If you are searching for a role-playing game that lets you connect with other real players, then try Genshin. It’s an open-world, single-player RPG with multiplayer elements, making it close to a partially immersive MMORPG. You can use different characters who specialize in specific features and equip them with accessories. Anime fans like the concepts of enhancing weapons, leveling up in a party, and going for dungeon raids. Genshin impact lets you enjoy the cross-play experience, especially with its anime style and flashy combat effects.

Tower of Fantasy


Credits: Tower of Fantasy

Your feeling about Genshin impact gets better with the similarity that Tower of Fantasy brings along with differences. Tower of fantasy also gives you anime-style excitement as you journey to raid bosses with friends and guilds. However, you get more control when customizing your character, helping you create a unique appearance that you can boast of. You also battle world bosses with other players across the server with timely response rates. Tower of Fantasy falls among the open world RPG games that every anime fan would enjoy playing if they start.


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Credits: Undecember

Anime fans who love medieval settings will love the content Undecember brings to gamers and other fans. Undecember is a cross-platform game that gives you customization power and the opportunity to build characters and get various combat skills. You can purchase skills and attach them to your skill run to create several combinations for your character. 

The game also allows you to select three main classes and create a combination class. So, grow with your character and challenge the hordes of monsters and bosses with friends, guildmates, or while going solo. Undecember also has cross-play support, making it available for mobile devices and PC, allowing seamless gaming transitions.

Solo Leveling Arise

Here is a game taking the world by storm and getting hype, especially among anime fans. The game gives fans an immersive experience of the solo leveling manhua that fans expect. It’s proposed to feature cross-play support and allow you to customize your character freely, depending on your choice. It’s an upcoming game, and its announcements at the G-Star conference have been confirmed to make fans run wild. The game and anime are both in works simultaneously, which is great news for solo leveling fans who await it.

Throne of Liberty

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Credits: Throne and Liberty

Things get wilder with the creation of the throne and liberty, which has experienced several changes over the years. Throne and liberty go further from the open-world RPG game to an MMORPG with the features from the trailer. Its concept is similar to the game-based anime “Kings Avatar,” making anime fans anticipate the game’s final release. 

It doesn’t support cross-play, but you get the basic class selection, leveling up characters, and group dungeon raids. The game gets wilder since it also supports a player killer system making it more realistic like a typical game anime. It also has a vast map, and the requirements to play this game on max graphics would be demanding based on the contents.


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Credits: Neverwinter

A game that seems to be the oldest on this list is Neverwinter, and you might love to enjoy its nostalgia. However, not many have played the game despite its relation to dungeon and magic-style animes that are prominent globally. Neverwinter is an open-world MMORPG game, so you are sure to interact more with other players from different locations. It allows you to grow with your character as you level up, gain skills, and raid dungeons. The game’s release goes far back as 2016, so you won’t need to worry about intense requirements to play it.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Credits: Elden Ring

Ranking as the most challenging game of 2022 is the open-world game everyone knows as Elden ring. It’s one that also gives you the freedom of character customization but is pretty hard to play for gamers. It features several bosses in both the main and side story with different difficulties and attack combinations. The game also allows you to party up with friends to take down certain bosses, but not all of them. If you love the medieval style and want a challenge, then Elden ring falls among the open-world RPG games to play.


Should You Play These Games?

Anime fans want to be involved in the story and not restrict themselves to watching or reading alone. These games allow you to do that with the partial immersive experience they give with RPG mechanics. However, you might not enjoy some games if you don’t like to take on difficult challenges while completing quests. The reason is that the difficulty rises considerably, and some are pretty hard right from the beginning, which bores you. Also, ensure you enjoy the multiplayer elements that these games have with your friends to increase your excitement.

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