10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ken Corsini

Ken Corsini might not be a name you know well – yet. But, he will be a name and face you recognize instantly before much longer. He and his lovely wife, Anita, are the new stars of a hit HGTV show called “Flip or Flop Atlanta,” which you might recognize the premise of without an explanation. They buy houses in need of a little love, they put in the love, and they sell those homes for a massive profit. They got their start in the real estate industry, but they’ve expanded, added to it, and changed the game tremendously. Now they are working on this new show, and fans everywhere want to know more about them. With that in mind, we have a few of the most fun things you should know about Ken Corsini.

1. He’s Happily Married

He is a very happily married man, and who can blame him? His wife, Anita, is pretty much just perfect. She loves kids, she loves her job, she’s a former math teacher who can help the kids with their homework, she has a great eye, she loves her family, and she is adorable. What’s not to love about her? They’ve been married for 17 years, and he’s still crazy about his lovely wife.

2. He is Not a Designer

He learned the very hard way that his role in the real estate business he and his team run is not in the designer’s chair. He has his own strengths, and they do not lie in choosing designs. He once was adamant he could choose the color of a home’s exterior. That was in 2010, and anyone who remembers that time in his short-lived design career still refers to that house as the Kermit house.

3. He is Not From Georgia

He’s a California boy at heart. He was born in San Jose, but his family moved to Marietta when he was a child. There may have been some sort of plan to move back to California at some point, but they loved the south so much they never left.

4. He Knew He Wanted to Date His Wife Before She Did

When he and his wife met, they were in their junior year of college. She was part of a study group with his own roommate, and he liked her. He’d position himself to be the first one to the phone – we had shared phones back in the ‘old days’ that everyone in the same house used (and you could not use the internet at the same time…some of y’all wouldn’t have made it in the 90s and early 2000s). He’d flirt with her every time she called – not for him, either – and he finally made his move.

5. He’s a College Graduate

When he and his wife met at college, it was at the University of Georgia. Those of us who meet UGA in Jacksonville every year at the end of October at 3:30 pm for the world’s largest cocktail party will try hard not to hold that against these two. They do seem like such lovely people.

6. They Did All the Big Things At Once

Life does that to you, you know? You have it all figured out, timing is perfect, and then you’re like ‘what happened,’ when you have a new baby and a new house and a new business and all the big things in life happen at once. They did this, too. His wife was pregnant with their first, teaching AP calculus, they were starting a business, she was getting her real estate license, and it was just a big thing. Those big things, though – they work.

7. He Loves Atlanta

If you ask this California native what he loves so much about Georgia that’s kept him in the south since childhood, he’ll tell you it’s the people and the weather. It’s a great place to live because there are people there from every different walk of life, every nation, every culture, and his kids get to grow up learning so much about so many people that you might not get to experience anywhere else. He also likes a mild winter and a green summer.

8. He Calls His Own Home Odd

If you ask him about his own home, the one he bought with his wife in 2011, he will tell you immediately that it is odd in every manner of speaking. It has 12 levels, it’s older, and it’s always in need of some work. But, he loves the property, their private lake, and everything about it. He, like so many of us, is a fan of a home with so much character – you don’t find those anymore.

9. He is Hopeful His Eldest Will Join the Family Business

Their oldest daughter is the one who keeps him hoping. She says regularly that she will join the family business as an adult, and he only hopes that her little childhood dreams don’t change as she gets older. He would love to have her join them and work with them, and he keeps on crossing his fingers about it.

10. He Knows His Place

When it comes to their work and their opinions and their own space at the office, he knows where he stands…and it’s not in the driver’s seat. He is a fan of ‘staying in his own lane,’ mostly because he knows that his wife is better than he is at certain aspects of their business. It might also help that he knows that getting into her lane doesn’t end well. Does it ever?

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