How Flip or Flop Vegas Differs From the Other Flip or Flops

How Flip or Flop Vegas Differs From the Other Flip or Flops

How Flip or Flop Vegas Differs From the Other Flip or Flops

Let’s be honest and say that when you compare any Flip or Flop show to another you’re likely going to go back to Tarek and Christina since they made the Flip or Flop something to talk about back in their day, which doesn’t seem like that long ago but was actually started back in 2013. Yes, a whole 6 years, almost, has passed since Flip or Flop started becoming something to talk about, and there have been 7 other shows, this one included, that have come along since the beginning. So let’s just go ahead and see how this one is different from the rest because there are a few similarities, such as the fact that Aubrey and Bristol are a married couple that came to the business together, but there are some differences as well.

Bristol is, or was, an MMA fighter.

Right up until he broke his jaw, which is devastating for a fighter, Bristol was one of the toughest guys on the mat and had quite a few matches, some that were more memorable than others. While he was sidelined he still kept working in construction and eventually he and Aubrey came up with the idea of flipping houses. Plus, it’s funny to mention but they met at a UFC event when they were there with mutual friends, and Bristol still works as an organizer in the UFC so it’s fair to say that it’s a part of their lives to this day.

Aubrey bought her first house at the age of 20.

Real estate was more in Aubrey’s wheelhouse since her father is a general contractor but once she bought her first house she was hooked and knew what she wanted to do. Having the kind of eye for interior design it’s not too hard to surmise that she does a lot of the deciding when it comes to what materials to use while Bristol does a lot of the grunt work and heavy lifting. There’s no doubt they have a crew to help them and contacts to make life easier but when it comes to directing the job and how things are supposed to go they’re the ones that are the final word on what needs to happen.

Neither of them were into real estate before this show.

If you remember right Tarek and Christina were both in real estate when the market decided to take a huge downturn and they had to do something to make ends meet in a world that’s not only competitive but outwardly brutal to those that can’t keep up. Bristol and Aubrey already had professions that were keeping them fed and secure before they came to flipping and this became another passion that they decided to share and also something that they could agree upon as a potentially profitable arrangement. They risk just as much as anyone when they flip a house since the costs and the unforeseen events that can happen do tend to stack up occasionally, but all in all they’re in it together just like any of the other groups have been in the Flip or Flop series.

They tend to take their sons with them when they’re working.

You might think that kids would get in the way when you’re doing any heavy lifting or could possibly be a burden since they do tend to get bored easily sometimes. But apparently their sons tend to help out quite a bit and make themselves very useful as they’ve gotten the hang of helping out mom and dad when they’re working. The chances seem good that they don’t let them stick around when the heavier work is getting done but when it’s time to clean up they bring their boys into the house and let them experience what it’s like to take a bit of pride in what they’ve done and show them what it’s like to earn your keep just a bit.

All in all the show is pretty much the same as a lot of them from the core elements as there are a few different ways to flip a house but the basic idea is to buy it, assess what needs to be done, obtain the needed materials, permits, etc., and then get going. Whatever happens from that point on just kind of happens and so be it. This show and those that have come before and after it have proven to be some of the most popular in HGTV’s stable thus far since they’re informative, engaging, and possess the right kind of chemistry between the hosts that people like to see. A husband and wife duo is how this whole thing started and quite honestly a lot of people seem to respond well to the whole idea. Hopefully this one will continue to last as long as there’s interest.

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