10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kalen Allen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kalen Allen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kalen Allen

Kalen Allen is still fairly new to the celebrity lifestyle, but he is making every moment of it count in his life. The young actor and writer is making quite the name for himself after going viral online, and the world is curious about him. Who is he and what is he like? What’s his story? We can tell you what we have managed to find out thus far, and you can see for yourself just what happened in Allen’s life that has allowed him to achieve so much at such a young age.

1. He is Young

Kalen Allen is a young man. He was born on January 4, 1996, in Kansas City, Kansas. He celebrated his quarter-century birthday at the beginning of 2021. His birthdays now that he’s gotten so famous are looking a little different these days.

2. He is Accidentally Famous

He was just making a video he thought might entertain a few friends, and suddenly he was famous. It was all because of chipotle’s cornbread that he made the decision to post a recipe reaction video to his Twitter account, and now he is a total celebrity. He did more and more of them, and suddenly he was huge.

3. He Went to College

Allen went to college in Philadelphia. He attended Temple University, and he had a double major while he was there. He majored in both film and theater but he also worked on his acting skills while there. He was there when he began making online videos back in 2017, and that’s how his life has been going ever since.

4. He Was On Ellen

When his videos continued to get more famous, he was noticed by some people with some big names. One such person was Ellen DeGeneres. She invited Allen onto her show to get to know him, and that ended up leading him to work for her doing interviews on red carpets for various events in Hollywood. He moved to Los Angeles to get his career going.

5. He Has a Favorite Moment

His favorite moment occurred backstage on the Ellen Show. He’d just finished a job and was taping something when Oprah was done with an interview. She came backstage, saw him, called him by name, and introduced herself. The fact that someone like Oprah knew his name was beyond cool for him.

6. He Lost a Lot of Followers

When he began speaking out about politics and the BLM movement, he lost a lot of his followers. Many people believe that their entertainers are there for that job alone – to entertain. He knew that when he made the decision to share his opinion and move in that direction that he would likely lose followers and fans, and he was not wrong.

7. He’s Never Been Happier

Despite losing so many of his followers and fans because of his decision to change the videos and content he publishes, he’s never been happier. He feels good about what he is doing with his life and how he is doing it, and he thoroughly enjoys the direction he is going in his life. It’s working for him, and he’s glad for it.

8. He Felt He Did Not Fit In

He is a man who felt he did not fit in when he was growing up. He calls Kansas City, his hometown, a very conservative city, and that is why he did not feel he fit in. He developed his sense of humor as a way of coping with things that did not make him feel particularly good, and his defense mechanism has essentially changed his life because of it.

9. He Doesn’t Like Being Limited

Growing up, he felt that a lot of people told him what to do. He felt that he had limitations placed on him that he didn’t necessarily want to have placed on him, and that was not working in his favor. He didn’t like being told he could do this or could not do that. He likes to be his own boss and make his own decisions, and no one is going to stop him.

10. He Trusts His Instincts

Kalen Allen is a man who trusts his instincts. He listens to them, and he lets them make some of his decisions for him. He’s done well with that so far in his life, and it’s been a dream come true for him. He’s not giving up on anything he feels he wants in life, and no one will ever set a ceiling for him.

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