10 Things You Didn’t Know about Joseph Abdin

Joseph Abdin is only 24, but he’s doing big things with his life. He has already accomplished more at his age that many men have accomplished their entire lives, and he is only getting started. He’s already added reality show contestant to his resume. He’ll be joining the cast of the latest Big Brother season, and fans are excited to see what he might bring to the table. We have some information for you, so here it goes.

1. He is a Replacement

They call him an alternate, and he was not originally part of the cast this season. However, a man by the name of Marvin who was cast to be part of the show was suddenly removed, and we have a feeling that this is the man he replaced. We think that Marvin was also on another reality show, and that is why he didn’t get to come to this show.

2. He is an Attorney

When he’s not working on his reality show career, he’s an attorney. Sorry, fans; we don’t know which type of law he practices. All we know is that he is an attorney, and he likes to work hard on this job so that he can enjoy himself and focus on his job outside of work. He’s a busy guy, and he likes to focus on himself.

3. He is a Floridian

He’s a born and raised Floridian. He’s from Lake Worth, which is a small area in the Palm Beach County area of the state. He’s on the Atlantic Coast in the southern portion of the state. He isn’t quite to Miami, but he’s not that far from Miami, either.

4. He is a Team Player

He is a wise man. He knows that while the goal is to win this game, he also knows that you cannot get to the end to win if you are constantly working alone. he knows he needs to work with the rest of the team to get himself to the end, and that might just work for him.

5. He Loves Food

He wants the world to know that he is a man who loves food. Any food. All food. He eats all the time, and he wants the world to know you will probably not see him without something to snack on most of the time. He even calls this the one thing that he thinks his housemates might dislike the most about him. Food is good; there’s nothing wrong with it.

6. He is Into Working Out

Well, with the way he describes his eating style, he needs to work out. He is very much into taking care of his physical health, so expect to see him doing a lot of working out on the show, too. He’s into everything from yoga to weightlifting, and he’s even into meditation when he can find a nice place to spend time doing it. We are here for this.

7. He’s Not A Sleeper

He does not specify why he doesn’t sleep often. However, we imagine being someone who likes to eat, work out, and spend his time focused on the law, he simply doesn’t have much time. He might be an insomniac. We don’t know. The truth is that he rarely sleeps, so he feels that his housemates might also find that problematic if they are tired and want to sleep.

8. He is Putting Himself Out There

When he was asked if he received any good advice about being on the show, he was quick to point out that putting himself out there was something he wanted to do. He is a man who likes to do things like that, and it works for him. He’s making some waves, doing something different, and we think it might work well for him.

9. He Thinks People Will Consider Him Brainless

He’s the guy who loves to work out, and he is of the opinion that people will think of him as brawn, and that they will also consider him a guy without brains. We disagree. You know what? You don’t become a lawyer without some serious brains, so that’s a big deal.

10. He’s Into Privacy

What we love about him is that he’s not discussing his personal life. He doesn’t share his love life, his family life, or anything like that. The only thing we can tell people is that he might be someone who shares a little more during the game because he’s not trying to overshare right now. However, we cannot say this for certain.

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