John Wick vs. James Bond: Who Wins?

It would be kind of fun to put this up as a pool and see how people would react since there are likely to be a good number of Bond fans that believe in the MI6 agent so much that they would state that Bond has met and defeated men like John Wick throughout his career. But the realization is that no, Bond has not met someone like Wick, since, despite the fact that James Bond has taken on some of the worst terrorists in the world, he’s never had a physical challenge like Wick to deal with, meaning someone that is dangerous at any range, be it hand to hand or from a distance. John Wick is a very different individual from James Bond in that he’s not out to protect anyone unless that happens to be the job he’s been hired for. Bond is a government agent that answers to a number of people that can make his life absolutely miserable if he steps out of line. He’s usually afforded a great deal of leeway thanks to the fact that he gets results, but against John Wick, he’d have to fight smarter and a lot more viciously. 

Both are specialists in their given fields, but while Bond is known to his enemies, a lot of them don’t fear him as Wick’s associates and targets might fear him if they realize that he’s been contracted to kill them. Not everyone shows such obvious fear of John Wick, but there’s a good reason why people take precautions before attacking him, and why several people would prefer to never hear his voice spoken in conversation. There is a reason that John earned the nickname Baba Yaga after all, and it’s because he’s a nightmare to those that he’s set upon, whereas Bond is usually considered to be more of a nuisance to his enemies and is treated accordingly. 

If these two were to ever get in a fight it feels as though it might be kind of epic since they’re both highly skilled and they know how to use various weapons that make them even deadlier. But John does have a serious edge on Bond, and that’s the fact that he’s been trained to kill, not just pacify or otherwise observe. With Bond, it feels as though there is always some sort of contingency, a way out of just about any type of trouble he gets himself in. With John, he has to rely on himself to get out of a scrape or push through it, in which case he ends up killing everyone that comes after him. In short, Bond is not the type of killer that Wick is, as he’s not as ruthless, driven, or capable of lasting as long. I can hear the Bond fans even now as they argue that Bond is the type of agent that won’t stop unless he’s dead, but the thing is, Wick will usually find a way around death in order to reach his target. Let’s be honest, John Wick isn’t Superman, he can and has been hurt, and he has had to patch himself a time or two, but when it comes to stamina, resilience, and durability, John Wick isn’t bound to be sidelined by anything other death, or an injury that renders him incapable of movement. 

It could be argued that Wick has had to rely on his allies a time or two, but if that’s the measurement being used, then so has Bond, since he’s not the one-man army that Wick is. Plus, in his grief, Wick might have sought out a peaceful life before he was drawn back into the world he’d left, while Bond would likely sulk and drink heavily. But when angered, there’s no denying that Wick is scarier than Bond could ever be since his rage is a quiet and devastating force that Bond simply can’t match. There have been plenty of memes created about John Wick and the murder of his dog, including both Thanos and Chuck Norris, and it’s been established, in a funny manner, that Wick is not the man to cross. This is just one of the reasons why Wick would take this fight, as he’s far more driven when it comes to completing a task than James Bond is. The fact is that Wick is capable of coming in like a wrecking ball or with a precise strike, while Bond kind of has to sneak his way into just about anything since he’s such a well-known name and face to much of the world. Trying to get the drop on John and maybe call in an airstrike on him might work, but when it comes to hand-to-hand combat or even ranged fighting, John Wick is just too good and would take Bond apart. 

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