Now Tom Holland Wants to be James Bond

Now Tom Holland Wants to be James Bond

There are obviously a few people who want to be the next James Bond and some that are ready to change up the role just a bit to make it a little different. But when thinking about Tom Holland for the role it’s kind of amusing really since it does feel that he might be one of the best candidates. The reason for this is that he’s young enough to take on the role and stick with it for a while, and he’s not too far off from what the image of 007 has been over the years. Now there’s only the matter of what the next Bond is meant to look like and if the same type of appearance is what’s going to be desired. There are fans that would like to see this and fans that are willing to see something new when it comes to Bond, and then there are fans that don’t care so long as the story is enticing and the acting is on point. Tom Holland has the acting ability to take on various roles, but would he be good enough to take on the role of James Bond?

It’s obvious that like many others that might want to step into this role that he wants it, but seeing who gets it will be very interesting since it’s a good bet that no matter who it is that a lot of people are going to be disappointed and a lot of others are going to be excited. Of course, as you can imagine, a lot of people will likely be disinterested since not everyone is a James Bond fan, but the character is such an icon that there are a lot of people who will be paying attention. The MCU star has been branching out in the past few years and thinking of how he might latch onto another franchise isn’t too hard, but if he does get this role, and it’s a longshot no doubt, one has to wonder how long he’ll stick with it. 

So far, Holland has been Spider-Man for a while and has picked up several other roles as well and he’s done just fine, but there is one concern about this, and that’s the fact that Tom Holland looks so fresh-faced that it’s hard to take him as anything other than a kid when he’s acting in an MCU movie. The guy is just too fresh-faced at this time and that might be one of the only things working against him since the point is that James Bond, everyone that’s taken on the role, has looked as though life has been at them for a while, that it’s left behind the experience and done its part to age them just a bit. Holland still looks like a kid, and while the look he needs comes with age and a lot of life experience, it does feel that he could still pull this off as it’s very possible that he might be able to make this work. One has to wonder if Holland can act tough, suave, debonair, everything that a 007 needs to be. His acting is sound, but how far can he take it at this time, that’s the question. 

Out of all those that would like to take on this role, it does feel that Holland might be one of those that could be getting the look, not the nod, if only because the guy is a good actor, but he might need a little more aging up before he’s really ready to take on the world and the many different threats it can offer. But there might be one way to do this since it’s very possible that a young James Bond might be the way to go with Holland, perhaps as someone who’s just starting out in the spy game and needs a bit of tutelage before he can really earn his name and his designation. Otherwise, it feels like Holland is amazingly, too young for this role since despite his current age, he looks like a young kid that just stepped into the business and has been tearing it up since his debut. If he happened to get picked for this role it would be kind of a surprise to a lot of people no doubt. 

It’s still believed that Uncharted might be Holland’s next big movie, but as there isn’t a lot being said about that at this very moment, at least nothing that hasn’t been covered a dozen times, it’s easy to focus on the idea of whether or not we can ever expect to see Tom in a dashing suit asking for a martini and driving as seriously impressive car down a winding highway at top speed. That might be kind of interesting really, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. 


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