John Oliver On The ‘Failure’ Of His Dustin Hoffman Chat

John Oliver is one of the funniest guys on TV at this moment but his interviews don’t always go the way that he would desire. When it came to interviewing Dustin Hoffman however he feels that the attempt was a decided failure. While being interviewed by Russell Howard much of the show was more about John’s insecurities when it comes to his personal space, his show, and of course his child since Russell sprang a gift on him for his kid. That was cute and all above board, but the discussion of the interview that John conducted with actor Dustin Hoffman was kind of a side note.

There might be a reason for it since the interview was only an interview in the sense that Oliver was asking questions and Hoffman was answering them, albeit not in the way you would expect or even really consider as a full answer. Hoffman has recently been accused of sexual harassment and has been denying the charges while at the same time apologizing that if anything he did ever made anyone feel uncomfortable. There have been a few women that have come forth thus far and while Hoffman feels maligned and even hurt that anyone would say these things about him the impression is that he’s amazed that such a thing would happen.

From John Oliver’s point of view he was very adamant about telling the right people that needed to know that he wanted to interview Hoffman and would back off if the moment was deemed inappropriate. He was told however that he was the one needed to ask the tough questions about the allegations and as a result he was the one that interviewed Hoffman concerning the matter. Other celebrities felt that it was highly disrespectful that Oliver seemingly blindsided Hoffman in this manner, but the man did manage to get the permission he needed as it was the organizers of the event that Hoffman was attending that needed to be alerted, not the actor himself. And on another note if the actor is that touchy about it perhaps he should either come clean or do whatever is necessary to clear his name.

Dustin Hoffman is a favorite of many. He’s been seen as one of the greatest actors in Hollywood for a long, long time now, and has seemed beyond reproach for many years. But the fact is that with the Weinstein scandal a lot of dirty laundry is being brought up to air out, and few people seem to be completely safe. At this point you can’t blame John Oliver for bothering to ask the questions, that’s his job and what he does as a celebrity. You can’t even blame Dustin Hoffman for not wanting to talk about it publicly since it is a matter that could be quite painful whether it’s true or not. But it should be said that Hoffman could have at least stated his case that he believed he was innocent and that the truth would eventually make itself known. If not, then guilt seems to be the only other alternative.

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