10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jershika Maple

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jershika Maple

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jershika Maple

Trying out for “The Voice,” is a life-changing decision. Some people try out for years without ever making it, some make it after they’ve tried out for years, and some will never make it. Jershika Maple is the kind of woman who made it, and she’s making things happen for herself. She’s a woman unafraid to chase her dreams and pursue what sets her soul on fire, and she’s been making that clear her entire life. She’s immensely talented, and we thought it was time for her fans to get to know her better than they already do. Who is this star who is on reality television trying to make it big in the music industry?

1. She is Young

She might have the voice of someone who has been singing for decades, but she’s as young as she looks. Maple is only 24, but her voice tells the world that she’s been singing for a lot longer. She’s got a divine sound that makes everyone who hears her think she’s been doing this a lifetime. It’s not a bad thing, either.

2. She’s Southern

She was born in the south, and that’s where all the best people come from. There is nothing like being southern born and bred because you learn all the good things about life. You learn about long summer nights growing up on the water, you are never afraid of alligators – but you know to give them their space – and you are the most polite, gracious, and lovely kind of person. Maple was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, which is just the heart of the south.

3. She Moved Around

She might be southern born and bred, but she didn’t grow up in Shreveport. Her own father was in the military, so she spent the bulk of her childhood moving around because of his job. She was what many people call a military brat, which means she was home for a few years, but home was never a place that she’d stay forever.

4. She Grew up In Church

Despite the fact that she didn’t have a ‘home’ for much of her childhood for longer than a few years, she always found herself in church. She found a church home no matter where they lived or what military base they called home for however much time they called it home. Church was always home to her.

5. She Joined Choir

She was so excited when her father found a more permanent base for them when she was in middle school. It was, perhaps, the longest they ever lived anywhere. She got to grow up in the same town from middle school until halfway through her last year of high school before she moved again (we imagine that was devastating), and that’s when she was able to join the choir. She loved it. It was her calling.

6. She Works A Cool Job

Now that she’s an adult, she’s busy. She’s busy pursuing her dream. Anytime she is not singing and working a gig, she’s working her regular job. She works as a security guard. It’s her full-time job, and it’s how she pays her bills. But you can promise yourself that when she is not working that job, she’s singing, making connections, and working on her career as a musician.

7. She is a Gospel Singer

She’s good, too. She’s making things happen for herself. Many people already know her from hearing her sing around town, and they adore her. She’s a big fan of making her music heard, and she’s never shy about singing anywhere she’s been asked to sing.

8. Ed Sheeran Complimented Her

And, he did it in the best possible way. When she sang for him, he had no notes to give her. He had nothing to say to her that would improve her performance or make her better in any capacity. What a compliment. It blew her away.

9. She’s Team Legend

When she found out she’d be working with John Legend, she was over the moon. She admires him and his singing style, and she knows that if anyone can help her reach her full potential, it is Legend. She is thrilled to work with him, and she will take anything he has to share with her and make it work.

10. She’s Confident

Maple is a confident woman, and she should be. She’s lovely. Her voice is powerful, and her talent is nothing short of mind-blowing. Her confidence will take her far in life – if you can’t see already that it’s gotten her where she is now.Ed Sheeran

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