10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeremy Strong

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeremy Strong

When the New Yorker published an interview with Aaron Sorkin, they asked the Hollywood icon a few questions about working with actor Jeremy Strong – which he’s done more than once. According to Sorkin, he was asked five questions, he answered them, and then the interview came out. The reaction to Jeremy Strong’s profile in the interview has been a strong one, and Sorkin is the first one to point out that it does not paint an accurate picture of the talented actor. He is not thrilled with the interview, and he is making that quite clear. Now with Strong’s name in the press everywhere, the world wants to know more about him – and they want to know what he’s really like.

1. He is in His 40s

Jeremy Strong has been in the business since 2004. We should point out that with almost 20 years in the business, he’s a man who is aging quite well. This Christmas baby was born on Christmas day in 1978, and we have a feeling his mother, father, and the rest of the world hadn’t a clue that day that such a gift would be born.

2. He is an Award Winner

Did we mention his talent? Maybe once or twice, and we will keep mentioning it. This actor is so talented that he took home a Primetime Emmy for his role in “Succession,” in 2020. He is the lead actor in this drama series, and he takes the role seriously despite the way the New Yorker appears to mock him for his habits and his technique.

3. He is Successful

You aren’t cast in movies such as “Zero Dark Thirty,” and “Lincoln,” and a dozen additional movies without being exceptionally talented. There is nothing more exciting than being so good at what you do that Hollywood comes calling asking you to star in movies such as these – and he knows it.

4. He’s From Boston

He was born and raised in Boston, but it almost seems he never had much love for any of the areas in which he lived. According to Wikipedia, he describes the Boston neighborhood in which he lived first (Jamaica Plain) as ‘somewhere to get out of,’ and the place he moved when he was 10 (Sudbury) as, ‘a kind of country club town where we didn’t belong to the country club,’ and not much else came from him about that time in his life.

5. His Family was Creative

When they lived in Boston as children, he and his brothers lived with their mom and dad. Their mom was a hospice nurse, and their father was involved in juvenile justice. The family did not have much money to do things like travel, so they got creative. They put a canoe in their yard and their boys would pretend to take adventures.

6. He Moved at the Age of 10

By the time he was 10, his family moved to a different Boston neighborhood called Sudbury. The reason was simple – they wanted their kids to have better access to better schools.

7. He Became Interested in Acting Very Young

It was when his parents moved from their first family home to their second when Strong was a child that he decided acting might be something he was into. He was around 10 at the time, but it almost seems as if he didn’t look back after he found it.

8. He Admires the Best of the Best

The world is filled with talent, and the world is filled with people who admire talent. However, the world is not filled with talent that rivals the likes of Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman, who are among a few of the most talented men in the business. They are also among the list of talented actors Strong looks up to in his own line of work. They’re not the only people he admires, but they are among the most noteworthy.

9. He Went to the Best Schools

His family moved when he was a child so that he could attend better schools in a better district, and it seems to have helped. By the time he was prepared to go to college, he was accepted into courses at Yale University. He enrolled, began his college education there, but he also made time to educate himself in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He even spent some time in Chicago at the Steppenwolf Theater Company.

10. He’s a Family Man

Strong met his wife back in 2012, and he married her in 2016. Her name is Emma Wall. She is not in the acting business. In fact, she’s a psychiatrist, and she is Danish. Following their 2016 wedding, they did not wait long to start their own family. They’ve been married approximately five years and have had three kids since 2018. All of their kids are girls. Their first was born in 2018, their second in 2019, and their third in 2021.

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