10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ashlee Brian

It’s often easy to assume that there are only a handful of successful actors in the world of Hollywood. The Brad Pitts and the Julia Roberts and the George Clooneys and the Kevin Costners of the world don’t come around every single day, after all. Very few – or so it seems – goes on to have the type of careers these actresses and actors have. But, the world is changing, and there is a new kind of acting success. It’s no longer about being cast in the limited number of television shows being broadcast on a limited number of cable channels or being cast in all the movies being made – and being one of a handful of men and women who are tapped to play those leading roles. With streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu allowing anyone and everyone to take part in an unlimited number of releases on a regular basis, the world is filled with successful actors who are making a name for themselves on a daily basis. Ashlee Brian is one of those actors. He’s writing and acting, and he’s going to be huge. Who is he?

1. He’s in a New Show

He’s been on BET, he’s been writing, he’s been acting, and now he is being cast in a new show on a huge network. He’s part of Oprah’s new network series “The Kings of Napa,” and he is stoked to join the cast and bring his own take into the character he’s been tapped to play.

2. He Loves a Good Bourbon

Many may call it an acquired taste, but when you love it; you love it. Ashlee Brian loves a good bourbon, and he will enjoy it any chance he gets. There’s something so smooth and relaxing about pouring it, enjoying the scent, and taking in the smooth finish as you sip.

3. He Has Heart

In an interview, he said that he and his Napa character (Christian) have a lot in common. One thing that they have in common is that they both have a lot of heart. It’s something he makes clear is important to him as a person – caring is not something that should come as a conditional situation. It’s something that is in the heart. He is proud of that.

4. He Enjoyed the Perks of His Job

His job on the Napa set was a fun one for him, and he genuinely enjoyed the many perks of the role. Getting to play a character from a winemaking family in Napa meant getting to go to classes to learn all about the art of winemaking and what that entails – and he loved it. It was fun to learn, to see the kind of work that goes into that, and to get to expand his knowledge about something so interesting and intricate.

5. He Likes When Work Isn’t Work

His role in Kings of Napa is one that he enjoyed so much because it never felt like work. He looked forward to getting to see the set every day. He looked forward to working with his co-stars on daily, and he had a great time. It felt like fun more than it felt like work, and it was the epitome of doing what he loved and loving what he was doing.

6. He is a Netflix Regular

If he’s working hard, he is likely doing it for Netflix. Not that he isn’t doing it for all the other networks and shows he’s on, but he’s got history with Netflix. He’s been in many of their shows, and it shows. He’s been in “All the Kings Men,” and “Family Reunion,” and Netflix loves to have him.

7. He is Working for Amazon, Too

In addition to his OWN work for Kings and his Netflix series (and there are more than two of them), he’s also been working hard on things like an Amazon series called, “Harlem,” which is an upcoming project we will all see before much longer. He’s clearly a success, and he’s thriving.

8. He is a Guest Star

Everyone loves a guest-starring role, and he’s had them in some of the very best shows. He’s been on shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” as a guest character. He’s co-starred with the men and women of “SWAT,” which includes the talented and beloved Shemar Moore. He even had a guest role in the show “Glee,” which was a cult favorite.

9. He’s into the Outdoors

His Instagram feed features many photos of himself in many places, but it seems that he’s a man who does enjoy the great outdoors. He is often outdoors for his photos – and we have a feeling it is not just because the lighting is so good. He seems to simply enjoy the outdoors.

10. He is Private

Ashlee Brian is a man who is relatively private. The world is not sure what he’s up to in his personal life. He might be a famous face, but he’s not into sharing his private moments, and that is not a bad thing. It’s good to have some separation. It helps with balance. Balance, as we all know, is not easy.

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