10 Things You Didn’t Know about Luisa Sonza

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Luisa Sonza

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Luisa Sonza

When Luisa Sonza was born, no one knew she’d grow up to become a famous singer and songwriter. The Brazilian native was a child who certainly loved to sing when she was growing up, but it’s safe to say that few people thought she might be the person she is today. Now she’s nearly four years into her professional career, and she’s making waves in the music industry. She’s one of the best, she has a huge fan base, and people simply want more from her every time she comes out with something new. If you are unfamiliar with the Brazilian star, now is the time to get to know her.

1. She is Young

She’s still so young. She was born on July 18, 1998. While she might get to say she was born in the 90s, she did not get to grow up in the 90s. She’d only just turned two when the world welcomed the year 2000, and she grew up in her most formative years with cell phones and social media rather than the simple childhood so many 90s kids grew up with being born before her.

2. She Had a Humble Upbringing

Her upbringing was good, but it was not flashy or over-the-top. She grew up in Brazil with her mother and father. Her father worked as a rancher. Her mother taught school. They were a happy family with a lot going on, but they were not wealthy nor did they live in the spotlight.

3. She Began Singing Young

She was only 7 when she began singing publicly. She joined the singing ranks at the local community center, and she’d sing folklore music to those who wanted to come out and listen. She had a deep passion for singing, and it is obvious she was good.

4. She Performed Often as A Child

When she was still young, a group called Sol Maior hired her as a child singer. She spent nearly a decade of her childhood and teen years traveling with the group and performing concerts in local municipalities. She did more than 24 shows a month, which is a lot for a child who is so young.

5. She Began Growing Famous on YouTube

What really set her apart from the rest of the up-and-coming singers in Brazil at the time she was growing more famous was her YouTube Channel. She decided back in 2014 to begin posting videos of herself singing cover songs made by others, and she quickly gained an audience that made her fame grow bigger.

6. She is Divorced

She began dating a man by the name of Whindersson Nunes in 2016. He is a fellow YouTuber, and they were both young. They got engaged about seven months after they began dating, they got married about a year later, and they announced their divorce less than two years after that. He announced the divorce, and he says the two grew apart but remain friendly with one another.

7. She Does Not Want Children Biologically

She is not going to be a mother by using her own body. She’s very much open to adoption, but she says she is very aware of her own body and that it is not going to carry any children for her. She would not say no to adoption when she feels the time is right and she is ready to be a mother.

8. She Was Accused of Being a Gold Digger

When she met and married her ex-husband, there were a few people in the world who accused her of marrying him for his money. He had more than she did, he was more famous than she was, and she was accused of being a gold digger. It’s not the most flattering thing to say about someone, but she handled it with grace and said that she can say whatever she wants to defend herself, but people who want to believe the worst will always believe the worst and she will never win.

9. She Doesn’t Feel Women Have a Duty to Be Mothers

She is very outspoken about her opinion on this. She does not believe that women have a duty to be a wife, a mother, to put their own life on hold so that the person they are with can fulfill their own dreams. She’s very open about the fact that women do not have a duty to be anything they do not want to be in life.

10. She is Very Outspoken

She’s not a young woman who holds her opinion to herself. If she has a feeling, she’s saying it out loud to anyone who will listen. She’s not afraid of offending people, of saying that she disagrees with them, or of getting into a heated debate about her feelings. She’s very outspoken.

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