Jeremy Piven’s Statement Does Prove a Very Strong Point

Yes, YES. Jeremy Piven is a very popular actor and a bit of a character at times but in this message he nails the very problem with the current situation that is racing through Hollywood like a storm bearing ill omens for anyone it settles over. Ever since the Harvey Weinstein situation occurred there has been a general witch hunt on to expose those that may have committed sexual harassment and other such crimes in the past. To date several men have been exposed and even accused by those that are now coming out of nowhere to break their silence and stand firmly against their abusers. The only problem is sorting out who is telling the truth and who is simply out to ruin another person out of misguided anger.

Guilty people don’t often offer to take a polygraph test. It’s not a perfect test by any means and can be beat, but offering to tell the truth via a device that can detect when a person is nervous and/or lying. Of course many people claim that such tests are not viable and cannot possibly disclose what really happened, but the point is that Piven, who has also been accused of similar crimes at this point, is willing to take action to prove that he is innocent in order to clear up any misunderstanding. The mere fact that someone is willing to fight to clear their name is not necessarily enough to say that they are innocent, but it’s also not enough to condemn them either.

Piven is right, we are entering dark times when it takes so little to ruin a reputation and accuse others of wrongdoing based upon one person’s words of what happened years ago. This in no way undermines what happened or the pain and suffering of the individual. However those that have in fact been affected by such men as Weinstein, who admitted what he has done, are in some ways akin to sticks of dynamite that when let into the public will explode in all directions and vent their fury and frustration on whomever happens to be near.

It sounds dismissive and vague but the truth is that in this day and age it doesn’t take much to offend people or for some to feel that they’ve been wronged in some horrible way.  There is also an increased probability that some people are looking for attention and quite possibly an easy payday in terms of a settlement for their pain and suffering. Unfortunately this does tend to undermine the very real pain that those who have honestly been through such trauma are going through. The act of stepping forward and giving voice to the truth of the pain they feel is not an easy task, but those that are stepping forward out of spite or a chance to sue for pain and suffering that either does not exist or was not the responsibility of the people they are going after seriously damage the credibility and veracity of the issue at hand.

If the accused admits to what they’ve done, and only a small fraction ever seem to, then judgment should be easy.

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